Step Into Wild Nature With The Armand Basi Wild Forest

A new masculine fragrance containing the most noble element from nature, wood

Armand Basi Wild Forest 90ml
Armand Basi Wild Forest 90ml

Wild Forest is the new masculine fragrance by Armand Basi, inspired by one of nature’s most noble elements: wood. An elegant and natural material that, when manipulated by man and technology, is a basic element of urban life.

The Armand Basi man possesses a natural, innate elegance that emerges through his own relationship with nature. He knows that what is natural is flawed by definition, and recognises the representation of that natural, elegant, beautiful and imperfect beauty in the wood. In a stressful world, Wild Forest is his refuge, the place where he can find his inner self and free his most genuine and wild side. It might be a forest or a cabin but above all, it is a place that exists in his mind. An intimate, warm and personal oasis.

Nature is splendid and unpredictable. It has a life of its own. Wood is the best proof that nature is very much alive. Like man, it changes with the passing of time, and just like human personalities, every piece is unique. Its irregular appearance, the drawings of its inner rings trace the years gone by, the tones affected by the light, the textures that the climate adds to the bark, the cracks that break its surface, all combine to add character to this noble material, just as life gives spontaneity to the young and serenity to the old.

Wild Forest searches for an ageless man who, like wood, evolves and finds the best in each stage of his life.

The Bottle

The design is the work of Antoni Arola, winner of the National Award for Design, and creator of the packaging of many of Armand Basi‘s fragrances. In search of greater identification with the concept of the Armand Basi brand, the wood used to produce the bottle has been subject to the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), the main international association for sustainable forest management. Products with PEFC certification guarantee that the raw material comes from sustainable forests.

The design is pure geometrical engineering: it is a transparent glass bottle, the inside of which is embedded with a layer of untreated wood. The rectangular-shaped glass bottle has a vertical slot which, when fitted into the box, serves as a window to view the fragrance, in the shape of a slim and narrow rectangle on the right hand side of the bottle, offering a glimpse of its content. The wooden layer is in a warm tone, like ash wood, with the wood grains clearly visible. Its surface is gently polished to seal the texture of the wood and round off the edges of the rectangle. The cap is another smaller rectangle, carved from the same wood.

Next to the glass window, whose surface is aligned with that of the wooden packaging, so that they are both on the same plane, the elegant black letters of the name of the brand and the fragrance are printed in a sober design on the outside.

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