Stay Grounded With Rania's Earthy Perfumes

Take a walk into the forests of India, forage the gardens filled with blooms and take a dip into the aromas that surprisingly heady while being earthy

Rania Jouaneh
Rania Jouaneh

Rania Jouaneh, perfumer and nose, is the innovator and creator of modern and sophisticated natural perfumes. Rania’s passion for fragrances and perfumes originates from her childhood in the Middle East and Africa where she was surrounded by the aromas of the Jasmine trees, the spice markets, souks and African bazaars. Her fragrances put forth noble and rare essences while respecting their olfactory richness and complexities. She envisages her perfumes as a key accessory, one to be worn as jewelry for the skin.

The raw materials, natural essences and essential oils, are selected and harvested directly from producers and distillers who continue to produce using traditional methods. Our expertise and dedication to quality production guarantees exceptional fragrances that stimulates the senses, reconnects with nature, the Earth and its aromatic treasures.

Rania J range of perfumes
Rania J range of perfumes

Rose Ishtar

Symbol of the eternal feminine, the Rose is sweet, light and mingles with Blackberry, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Patchouli to reveal a fresh fragrance that is woody with a slightly gourmand note. The notes that stand out in this composition are essentially the floral ones with an emphasis on Rose.

Ambre Loup

The Amber in this fragrance vibrates on the skin like a heartbeat with Labdanum, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Agarwood, and Vetiver for company. A warm, sensual and mysterious fragrance, the scent can be categorised as woody oriental in its essence.

Lavande 44

The aromatic intensity and elegance of Lavender wraps around the woody notes of Oud, Vetiver and Cedar Wood. The Tonka Bean and the Patchouli give the accord a dimension that is warm and sweet, powerful and delicate. The sensual, modern and unique fragrance is essentially aromatic and woody.

Oud Assam

A very masculine fragrance, the blend starts with a fresh top notes of sweet and
bitter Orange before taking a dip into the earthy, warm and dark Agarwood complex

Jasmine Kâma

In honour of Kâma, the Indian god of love, this blend of Absolute Jasmine, Patchouli
and exotic woods is an invitation for love and enchantment. A sophisticated, fresh
and pure fragrance for her.


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