Legend of Shalimar – Film by Guerlain

The new film by Shalimar which depicts the most beautiful love story ever.

History told us many love stories. Romeo and Juliette, Antony and Cleopatra or Paris and Helene of Troy. But do you know the biggest love story of all? Well, Guerlain celebrates this story for the past 88 years with its legendary fragrance Shalimar. And this month, they released a new film, as a magnificent poem to this amazing love story. And the star here is Natalia Vodianova.

Jacques Guerlain created Shalimar in order to celebrate this amazing love story between the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his third wife Mumtaz Mahal. The film reflects both a sublime vision of this true story that poets and singers leverage to the level of a true legend in the 17th century.


When passion becomes timeless

When Jacques Guerlain discovered this marvelous story in 1921, it inspired him of a fragrance that would cross ages and become probably one of the most magnetic fragrance of all. Shalimar  was launched and revealed to the public in 1925. Still today, in the world there are 108 flacons sold every hour. Imagine that, 88 years after the launch!

Shalimar, a magical name, a mystical garden.

Guerlain inspiration for the fragrance name came directly from the famous Shalimar Gardens. Actually there is not one Shalimar garden but several of them. They are in India, Pakistan or even in the Kashmir. They are associated to Mughal gardens, meaning royal gardens. The garden surrounding the Taj Mahal was inspired by Shalimar gardens, probably made by the same architect. Guerlain’s dreams of Orientalism brought him to call this fragrance – Shalimar, tribute to these amazing gardens. The Taj Mahal surrounding symbolizes heaven on earth.

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