Seduce Summer With The Antonio Banderas Cocktail Seduction range

Elegant and evocative, the Cocktail Seduction range presents three delicious fragrances that recreate the sensuous mood of summer

Antonio Banderas Cocktail Seduction range
Antonio Banderas Cocktail Seduction range

Antonio Banderas Fragrances has launched the Cocktail Seduction range of perfumes that will envelop you in an irresistible game of seduction. Cool, juicy and fresh, this new limited edition is ready to transport you to a place of ultimate, summer sophistication.

Cocktail Seduction for Men

The perfume opens with a zesty, exotic combination of Italian bergamot and cassis, suffused with a dash of “mojito” to enhance the cocktail freshness of the top note. At the heart of the fragrance is an aquatic accord of melon accompanied by a transparent floral note, with a burst of spicy cardamom for extra personality. Rich base notes of cedar and rose wood are sensuously counterpoised with smooth amber and musk to evoke a fresh, modern feel.

Fragrance Notes
TOP:Italian Bergamot Cassis, ‘Mojito’ Accord
MIDDLE:Aquatic Accord, Melon, Transparent Floral Note, Cardamom
BASE: Cedar Wood, Rose Wood, Ambery Notes, Musk

Cocktail Seduction for Women

The top notes of the feminine fragrance are characterized by the bright freshness of tangerine infused with the exotic, acid-sweetness of lychee. At the heart of the perfume, a feminine floral bouquet of gardenia, jasmine and peony is wrapped enticingly in warm, pink pepper. The sensuous balsamic notes at the base mingle deliciously with fresh, woody accents and seductive musk.

Fragrance Notes
TOP:Tangerine, Lychee
MIDDLE:Gardenia, Jasmine Peony, Pink Pepper
BASE: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Tonka Beans, Benzoin, Musk

Cocktail Seduction in Black

A blend of fresh, green leaves and a crisp bite of green apple give a potent zing to the masculine top note of the perfume. A spicy accord of cardamom and nutmeg enhance the mystery at the heart of the fragrance, combining elegantly with sensual base notes of guaiac wood and a warm, amber-vanilla accord.

Fragrance Notes
TOP:Green Leaves, Green Apple
MIDDLE:Cardamom, Nutmeg
BASE: Gaïac Wood, Cedarwood, Amber Accord, Vanilla

The design

Cocktail Seduction brings a flirtatious, fizzy freshness to the range, evoking summer sun and sophisticated beach bars with their colorful arrays of irresistible cocktails. Each of the three bottles is dressed for seduction in a blend of contrasting colors: deep blue and citrus yellow for Cocktail Seduction for Men, sky blue and radiant pink for the feminine version, and crisp green and black for Cocktail Seduction in Black.

The outer packaging design reflects the same striking color combination, served with a twist. Each box features a swirling splash of color, reminiscent of the dash of cool liquid poured into a glass to complete the perfect cocktail.


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