Roberto Cavalli's Fragrant Tribute To Oud

Bold, opulent and exuberant; Roberto Cavalli’s unapologetic celebration of glamour finds its ultimate expression with Oud Edition 

Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition
Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition

Roberto Cavalli’s style is all about luxury, rich textures and high-quality materials. People who are not afraid to be noticed are those worthy of their new Oud Edition.

Oud is blended with saffron, which introduces a leather theme in the top notes along with shimmering mandarin and the honeyed trail of orange blossom. These heady white flowers, combined with lush addictive vanilla creates a link between the initial Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum and Oud Edition.

Long considered the ‘gold standard’ in Arabic perfumery, oud is a thrilling new territory for perfumers in the West to explore. It’s an inspiration to reinvent the most aristocratic of fragrance families: leather. Something that Loiuse Turner, perfumer at Givaudan – who has authored the perfume – chooses to emphasize. Blending rare, expensive raw materials to conjure the regal note, she associates it with two of the most noble, precious, ancient perfumery ingredients to create a drop of liquid gold.

They are saffron and incense. In Oud Edition, the soft suede aroma of saffron introduces the leather theme in the top notes. The dark resinous depth of leather reasserts Oud Edition’s leather effect in the base notes, while adding a subtle veil of mystery. Translating this deep, dark harmony into a sensual fragrance was a challenge. Turner achieves this sensuality by softening leather into a caressing suede note, and wrapping it in tender, melting layers of vanilla and amber.

Oud Edition is offered in a radiant velvet-lined golden coffret housing a softly curved gold bottle crowned with a tiara in the shape of the designer’s logo. The tiger-print collar reprises the emblematic animal pattern featured in the Roberto Cavalli signature fragrance.



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