Revealing A New Journey, Eutopie No. 10!

After 8 successful launches, another fresh oud by Eutopie, No. 10 has all eyes set on it!

Eutopie Parfums continues its narration of the sentimental journey of the nomadic couple traveling the world to look for the ‘place of the good’.

Eutopie, a term stemming from Utopia, which describes the ideal society, will now venture on a new memorable journey into the world of exclusive fragrances, by introducing Eutopie no 10.

The first five Eaux de Parfum by Eutopie embody the contrast between enchanting Middle Eastern countries, the fragrant shores of the Mediterranean, and Slavic lands. They blend unexpected scents in which notes from these different cultures are set against typically French floral scents. Upon returning to France, Elodie launched three new Eaux de Parfum that pay tribute to Parisian elegance and an idealized vision of nature that evokes la dolce vita and the freshness and exuberance of spring.

After this stopover in France, the nomadic couple continued its journey. Inspiration for the new Eutopie fragrance came from the mythical Silk Road where East meets West; where cultures mingle, and where sensuality and spirituality merge in the rare essence of Oud wood.

The Unique Freshness Of Oud Wood: Eutopie  No. 10

EUTOPIE No. 10 is an original fragrance featuring contrasting notes of Oud wood.

This new fragrance’s powerful, dark, resinous, and almost animal heart note blends with hints of flower. Starting with green, rosy, and citrus notes of geranium followed by notes of delicate rose, Eutopie No. 10 is an encounter between floral scents and Oud wood that exalts the senses. This surprising alliance is beautifully enhanced by the warmth of woody and spicy accords sprinkled throughout the entire structure of the perfume. Like all Eaux de Parfum created by Elodie Pollet, Eutopie No. 10 is a unisex fragrance.

Olfactory notes:

Top: Saffron, Nutmeg, Geranium

Heart: Oud, Amber, Rose

Base: Musk, Vanilla, Labdanum

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