Presenting Ghawali Brand – A New Oriental Fragrance Concept

Ghawali, launched in 2016 caters to the time honoured tradition of fragrance layering…

Ghawali, a luxurious and unique contemporary offering in the Oriental Fragrance category, launched in 2016 caters to the time honoured tradition of fragrance layering. Ghawali has developed harmonised scent collections to facilitate this layering ritual, allowing the beautifully developed scents to permeate and envelope the wearer at every step. Their range spans Perfumes, Oils, Bokhour, precious Oudh and also includes pampering Bath and Body products.


Rooted in heritage and originating from the early development of perfumes in the region, ‘Ghalia’ was a word used to describe the precious and expensive scents the travelling merchants brought to the region, offering the Royal families their own exclusive scents, or ‘Ghawalis’ as they came to be known.

Ghawali realises the importance of the traditional elements of Perfume, Oil and Bokhour yet also understands that scent accompanies one in all facets of grooming, thus also catering to consumer’s Bath and Bodycare needs.


The brand has developed luxurious collections specifically for the layering ritual, allowing the heady scents to envelope one’s skin at every touch point. Their unique fragrance creations are developed from the finest ingredients found in the region; Indian Oudh, amber, Damask Rose and sandalwood to name a few, and formulated by expert perfumers who understand the nuances of Arabic Fragrancing and how important fragrances are to this region, not just as a product….but as a way of life.


The boutiques mirror this notion as well. By surprising and delighting at every touch point in the stores, Ghawali creates memorable shopping journeys which facilitate the ritual and layering aspect. Coupled with a unique approach to personalised service and set within a luxurious surrounding, the tailor-made offer combines Arabic Fragrance expertise and welcoming service and hospitality.

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