Paris Gallery Launches SIGNATURE Perfumes In The UAE

An exclusive world of SIGNATURE, a collection of six unique eau de parfums that uses only the highest and finest quality raw materials from Grasse

Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, has launched SIGNATURE, a precious line of six perfumes that harnesses the legacy of the “French Renaissance Époque” and “La Belle Époque”, which were French eras rich in fashion, art and taste. The brand’s name draws its inspiration from the belief that every individual has its own fingerprint and signature. Presenting French creativity bottled in an oriental taste, SIGNATURE offers a unique collection that boasts finesse combined with modern, powerful scents.

Signature Collection:

Signature_Onyx_AED-850_EDPEach fragrance is inspired by a gemstone and carries its own identity, allowing the wearer a unique sensory experience.


A citrus-floral composition for the passionate, trustworthy and whimsical. The intense freshness of this perfume is brought by the presence of the aromatic and citrus notes in its top. A heart of woods, spices and floral facets blend with cassis, apple and pineapple which is then followed by a base filled with noble raw materials including amber, vanilla, oak moss and musk.



Signature_Agathe_AED-850_EDPA vanilla-fruity composition that reflects fun and humour. A harmony of flowers, citrus and a drop of vanilla merge to create a feminine scent as delicate as the trail of an evening gown. It is an addictive and refined fragrance with an exceptional spirit for every day.



Signature_Garnet_AED-850_EDPAn oudh-floral scented melody for the ambitious, hard-working and loyal. This scent features an extraordinary mix of delicacy and strength. It is a combination that allows the queen of flowers, the rose, to create a silky feel and blend in wonderfully with the intense, raw oudh. The underlying power of Garnet rests in this spectacular mixture of rose, oudh, wood and leathery notes.



Signature_Opal_AED-850_EDPA floral-powdery fragrance that personifies a romantic yet vigilant heart. A soft, gentle and enveloping fragrance that recalls the images and atmosphere of the Belle Époque. Sweet and powdery notes of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang rest on a heart of tonka beans and a base of musk and heliotrope.



Signature_Jade_AED-850_EDPAn amber-fruity scent that signifies generosity and wealth. Jade is the olfactory tribute to the precious green stone. Its composition opens with a citrusy freshness of bergamot, lemon and orange that deliciously blends with Mediterranean fruits along with warm and sensual amber, vanilla and musk in the base. Starting off sweet and strong with the dominating citrus, the scent evolves, bringing light to the warmth of amber and sweetness of fruity notes.



An oriental perfume that is an ode to the most sought-after gemstone which reflects purity, love and honesty. This scent wafts like a breeze through the desert dunes. It seduces its wearer with a classic Middle Eastern incense note that blends into a heart of mysterious oudh and dives into a base of deep amber and musk. The lingering soft musky notes leave a sillage of sweet seduction.



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