Paris Gallery launches Kilian's 'FLOWER OF IMMORTALITY'

Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, launched the ‘FLOWER OF IMMORTALITY,’ a perfume that pays homage to the Chinese tale: ‘A Tale of the Fountain of the Peach Blossom Spring.’

Kilian-Flower-of-Immortality---DHAED-1,065FLOWER OF IMMORTALITY recreates the smooth and juicy scent of White Peach, interweaved by the alliance of the rhizomes of both Carrot and Iris. A dazzling breeze of Blackcurrant Bud absolute refreshes while the exquisite Rose Crystal is softened by the Tonka Bean and the scent of Vanilla beans drying in the sun.

It is recounted that a fisherman from Wu Ling loses his way along a stream and, unexpectedly, finds himself rowing alongside a lush peach tree forest. He decides to explore further. At the end of the forest he lands at the fountainhead of the stream. There, he disembarks and just steps beyond, discovers a haven of peace, a utopian paradise where people live apart from the exterior world.

For Kilian, FLOWER OF IMMORTALITY is above all an olfactory homage to the peach blossom and its very strong symbolism in China. This blossom, whose pink petals are unveiled only in the middle of the winter, is believed to have the power to bewitch the human soul and to make it immortal. It is the set of symbols and myths that surround the flower that Kilian wanted to recreate in this new fragrance.

FLOWER OF IMMORTALITY was composed as the memory of the utopian paradise, next to the river, where the fragrance of peach blossoms brings a promise of hospitality and immortality.


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