Paris Gallery Launches Amorino, A Unique Perfume

Fruity and sweet, mystic and deep, sensuous and fresh and at times wild and evasive, Amorino perfume is a tale of uniqueness.

Paris gallery launched Amorino, a unique perfume that blends the highest quality ingredients to create special, endearing fragrances, distinctive, definitive and exclusive in experience.

Formulated together to make the optimum, exclusive fragrance, blending oudh, amber, musk, vanilla and rose into adoring aromas, Amorino promises the ultimate luxury of being unique, distinctive, a style statement which is virtually inimitable.

The Entire Range of Amorino
The Entire Range of Amorino

Amorino is for ‘him’ as well as for ‘her’. While woman can express their best with the vivacious, sweet, flirty, floral and mystic fragrances Amorino offers, the musky, woody, energetic and freshness of Amorino symbolises man who are confident, bold but at the same time incurable romantic.

Private Musk is a lively blend of blackberry mixed with vanilla and white rose. Sweet blackberry is he, a symbol of health and longevity while white rose is she, soft, beautiful and pure. Vanilla with its sweet aroma unites both. It starts with fruity freshness and ends with a sweet base note, lingering for hours.

Royal Night gives a sense of woody, aromatic, musky feeling. Fine blends of precious wood, musk, amber, citrus iris, Sicilian lemon, bergamot, green mandarin, black currant, green and black tea inspires the mystic night with the grandeur of royal aromas. The fruity energetic beginning transforms into an aromatic mist and ends with sylvan rustic note.

Noir Diamond, with its citrus and floral aroma is flirty, confident and comfortable for skin. Smooth and silky, the base note is soft and sensuous as flowers.

Black Cashmere is seductive and exotically erotic. It takes one to a fixed point in the realm of senses. An oriental musk made from the extracts of oriental tonka bean, oudh and rose, with a 25 per cent concentration, Black Cashmere is a rare category today, perfume in its purest form. Sensual in nature, exotic in flavour, Black Cashmere is rich with a deep quality that makes it interesting and attractive.

Arabian Rose is woody, ‘oudhii’, dark and deep. It starts with the fruity citrus like bergamot, lemon and peach coconut, and the floral, woody middle note is enriched with oudh. The ending is sweet with agarwood, cashmere and amber. It is a rendezvous with enriching fruits as platter, jasmine, oudh as flavour of the atmosphere with a sweet, wild ending.

Imperial Oudh: Imperial Oudh is sweet and musky. Sweet fruits make a fascinating start with Vanilla on middle notes. Ambery and musky ending makes the fragrance a very nice blend of masculine boldness with rich, earthy and warm heart at the core.

Price of 50 ml of all the fragrances is AED 680.

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