Parfums De Marly unveils the fascinating 'Herod' at Paris Gallery

Marlys majestic versions for women revealed :Meliora and Safanad

Parfums-De-Marly_Herod_AED-760At an event held at Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, Parfums De Marly unveiled its new line of perfumes: Herod for the man, Meliora and Safanad for the woman

Inspired by the refined and victorious XVIII century stallion, Herod, Parfums De Marly returns with yet another winning scent – the luxurious Herod. Exuding a smoky Vanilla scent, the regality of the stallion is personified in Herod by the blend of diverse notes found in it.

Starting at the base with wood notes of Vanilla Pods, Cedar wood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Iso E Super and Cypriol Musk, the fragrance boasts of floral middle notes of Osmantinus, Tobacco leaves, Frankincense and Ciste, topped off with fresh notes of Cinnamon and Pepperwood. A combination that is both royal and exotic, the new Herod is truly an echo on the stunning reputation of its namesake.

As always, Parfums De Marly stays loyal to its roots by delivering a fragrance that pays homage to the famous icons of the equestrian world, arriving in packaging that is both refined and royal. A treat for the olfactory, Parfums De Marly’s latest fragrance of opulence, Herod, marks yet another successful creation by the esteemed brand.

Renowned for creating majestic fragrances that are full of splendor, Parfums De Marly presents its exclusive new line of feminine fragrances. The feminine line contains two inventive novelties: Meliora and Safanad.

Blending floral and fruity notes, Safanad starts with top notes of orange and pear while moving to heart notes of Orange Blossom, Orris and Ylang and finishing off with base notes of Amber, Sandalwood and Vanilla. Likewise, Meliora combines woody base notes of Vanilla and Musk with heart notes of Rose, Lily and Ylang before being rounded off with top notes of Raspberry and Blackcurrant.

The artistic blends have been placed in bottles that exude a delicate femininity while being powerful at the same time. Living up to its name, the feminine line is yet another exquisite creation of fragrances that embody the values of Parfums De Marly.

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