Parfums De Marly Introduces The Delectable Tolla Pegasus

Parfums De Marly launches the exquisite Tolla Pegasus

Delectable Tolla Pegasus
Delectable Tolla Pegasus

Dedicated to enriching lives with fragrance, premium perfume brand, Parfums de Marly will soon launch the Tolla Pegasus. This extravagant perfume symbolizes the splendor and knowledge of the brand and promises to immerse you into the origins of perfumery.

The exclusive Tolla Pegasus is not only a unique and luxurious fragrance with a combination of pure Soufi Oudh and the essence of the already well-known Pegasus perfume.

This oil is so concentrated that only a drop is enough to last the whole day. If your oil runs dry, no need to fret, the refill that will soon be available, will help continue the trail of the sweet smell of luxury.

Reminiscent of 18th century France, the Tolla Pegasus will be available in a beautiful, extravagant gold container similar to a scroll holder the great kings used. Gift your loved ones or treat yourself to the exquisite and diverse range of perfumes from Parfums de Marly. The cost of the Tolla Pegasus is AED 810 (8 mL).

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