Paco Rabbane Encapsulates Magic In Black XS Potion

Paco Rabbane celebrates dark and intense love Black XS Potion for him and her

o.24902Living intensely, provoking to the extreme, in a blend of impertinence and glamour, Black XS rockstar flirts with excess, especially when it comes to love. Driven by an all-consuming passion, burning with extreme, boundless feelings, their desire blazes bright. In this new limited edition, the Black XS Potion fragrances for Her and Him reconcile opposites, conjuring up an alchemy of bodies and hearts. The ultimate love philtre, Black XS Potion is the olfactory secret that beguiles and offers the promise of unending passion.


A fatal liaison, subversive attraction, irresistible ties: these two rock stars live their love to the fullest. Their ardour follows them at the incantatory rhythm of neither with nor without you. Their love burns. They tear each other apart with abandon; they passionately search for one another. Their hearts beat madly, hitting the high notes, with or without sound.
Their passion captures hearts, music is their outlet and Black XS Potion their secret of seduction. Deep within their laboratory, the perfumers have developed two powerful and mysterious olfactory formulas. Black XS Potion is the elixir that seals their love story through thick and thin.

Paco Rabanne Black Xs Potion For Him
Paco Rabanne Black Xs Potion For Him

An Enchanting Exilir for him

For Him, Black XS Potion distills a woody aromatic elixir with a devilish charm. Juniper berries add a spicy touch to the top notes, while Absinthe bewitches the senses with its burning vapours. Cashmeran wood, with a torrid virility, combines its powers with those of Cistus absolute to entice desire. A few drops of Rhum, with intoxicating, syrupy and woody aromas, enrich the essence’s hushed final notes.

An Exhilarating potion for her

This woody floral Ambery scent opens with a burst of zesty notes, led by Grapefruit. Then the heady, incredibly sensuous accents of Baccara Rose – the icon of burning love and fatal passion – melt into sulphurous accords of Hellebore rose. Overdose of roses, capable of single-handedly transforming desire into passion, reaches its sensual paroxysm and bathes in bewilderingly voluptuous aromas of black Sandalwood.

Paco Rabanne Black Xs Potion For Her
Paco Rabanne Black Xs Potion For Her

Bottles under the seal of secrecy

This evocatively sensuous magnetism is treasured in red and black bottles, the iconic colours of Black XS fragrances. Lacquered in deep black and marked with a blood red seal, the colour of passion, they hold the eternal and absolute love philtre. This wax seal suggests mystery and magic, and safeguards the secret and confidentiality of these two olfactory formulas concocted in the perfumers’ lair. The writing in silver Gothic lettering marks the power of this potion and the rock identity reserved for Black XS insiders. Black XS Potion ensures a happy ending for rock love stories. 

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