Nightfall Patchouli By Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance Nightfall Patchouli is a part of the Confidential Collection made by the ace designer’s daughter Carolina Herrera de Baez as an ode to her mother’s superior sense of fashion

The Herrera Confidential collection comprises of six fragrances and four oils. This collection has been designed by Carolina Herrera de Baez, daughter of Carolina Herrera. Each fragrance included in this collection are unique and can be blended together to customise the wearer’s fragrance as well.


Nightfall Patchouli, the new fragrance included in this collection stands out for its unique blend of ingredients and its unisex character.  Amber Desire, Burning Rose, Herrera Tuberose, Neroli Boheme and Oud Couture are the other fragrances included in this collection.

The above fragrances are presented exclusively on the market of the Middle East in Dubai, at the end of May 2015. The culture in Middle East is to layer the fragrances to customise the scent and this collection is able to meet these requirements perfectly.

Nightfall Patchouli

Nightfall Patchouli

This fragrance is inspired by the magic and mystery of night in the Arabian desert and the dynamic nights of energy in New York. The uniqueness of the fragrance is reflected in unique blend of contrasts of resins and spices. Deep softness of benzoin resin meets the liveliness of forbidden cinnamon and Indonesian patchouli leaves.

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