Myrrhe Imperiale, Join The Mysterious World Of “La Collection Des Mille Et Une Nuits”

Giorgio Armani presents Myrrhe Imperiale, the newest Armani/Privé fragrance to join the exclusive, mysterious world of “La Collection des Mille et une Nuits”. 

Armani Privé 1001 Nuits range
Armani Privé 1001 Nuits range

Giorgio Armani translates the spirit of his Haute Couture collections into exclusive and unforgettable fragrances. Each Armani/Privé fragrance is conceived like a finely detailed garment. A precious balance of uncompromising perfection, distilled from the most rare and luminous raw materials, reinvention of Haute Perfumery designed to create pure moments of emotion.

Armani/Privé fragrances are three, evolving collections. “La Collection” celebrates the most legendary perfume ingredients; “Les Eaux” awakens memories of legendary and “La Collection des Mille et une Nuits” revisits the epic legends and opulence of the Orient.

Once a year, an extraordinary limited edition, “L’Édition Couture”, pays tribute to the latest Spring/Summer fashion collection, with only 1,000 numbered pieces, for every privileged connoisseurs.

‘La Collection des Mille et une Nuits’ is a contemporary reinterpretation of a universal fable, The Arabian Nights, where Scheherazade fascinates, intrigues and captures the attention of her sovereign. Like these captivating tales, each fragrance in this capsule collection evokes the infinite splendors of the Orient: from the blue nights of the desert to the light of dawn.

Myrrhe Imperiale

Radiant, Myrrh is the legendary gift of kings and the captivating, incense-like fragrance evokes the atmosphere of oriental palaces. Drawn to this rare element of nature’s treasures, Giorgio Armani created Myrrhe Impériale emboding all the opulence of the Orient in a single, majestic fragrance.

Sprayed on pulse points, Myrrhe Impériale Eau de Parfum Intense inspires a sensual fragrance ritual.

Myrrh and benzoin, two precious and natural ingredients extracted from ancient trees in Laos, Persia and East Africa, envelop the skin in distinctive notes. Myrrh is known for its musky, warm and smoky notes, while benzoin releases the scent of an incredibly balanced and smooth accord of milky vanilla.

Introduced by a spicy duo of pink peppercorns and a warm saffron note, the distinctive heart of myrrh is elusive and seductive at a time. The unforgettable and delicate benzoin fuses with ambery woods in a lingering base; an invitation on a fascinating voyage into the secrets of the Orient.

“La Collection des Mille et une Nuits” opaque and mysterious onyx-coloured glass bottles are topped by a small golden sculpture. A design that is pure yet sensual and tactile, like a stone baked under the desert sun. Lift the cap to reveal the elixir within, while the fragrance’s name is elegantly engraved on a golden plaque.

La Collection Des Mille Et Une Nuits

Four fragrances to inspire 1001 days and nights.

Cuir Noir

For a thousand and one nights, Scheherazade held in her hands a rich work bound in sumptuous and sensual Moroccan leather adorned with gold.

Cuir Noir is a voyage across the desert. A warm, luxurious leather note evokes the enveloping sensuality of skin-on-skin contact. A spicy, honeyed explosion of coriander and Damascena rose unveils dark and smoky tones of agarwood and guaiacwood with a smooth and sensual finish of benzoin and sandalwood inflections.

Rose D’Arabie

Myrrhe Impériale
Myrrhe Impériale

And Scheherazade told the tale of One Thousand and One Nights: “Then Nur saw that the princess was gentle and beautiful and that wherever she went, she spread the sweet scent of roses…”

Rose d’Arabie is a majestic ode to the Damascena rose, an incarnation of elegance. It echoes radiant, iridescent crimson and golden silk, and its melody undulates with sensual curves. Spicy, warm and bright notes of saffron are followed by distinguished touches of patchouli and wood, with an overarching mysterious veil of a voluptuous amber and vanilla accord.

Our Royal

“Ali Baba enters the cave and discovers the treasure: addictive myrrh, pure gold, sparkling precious stones and rare oud…”

Precious and rare, the oud wood of Laos is more tantalizing than gold. Its fragrance is dark, rich and coveted. Its noble intensity envelops the skin like a fine brocade, with the warm radiance of a saffron note, the mystery of incense and myrrh, leading to the soft, wild inflections of vanilla note.

Myrrhe Imperiale

“And Hasan uttered these words: ‘If love be sweet, how more than sweet is myrrh’. He sighed until sunrise and then, in the morning air the perfume which should tell him of his heart’s desire.”

A voyage into the palace of Scheherazade, the rarified fragrance of myrrh floats enticingly through the air. The tale opens with spicy pink peppercorns and saffron, then unveils a mysterious heart of myrrh, and ends, with a seductive woody amber accord and enveloping benzoin.

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