Morning Musc

Oriental, flowery, rose, fruity and fresh note on woody, musky back.

Alexandre J. is a blend of the oriental desert and the French baroque architecture. This perfume evokes a timeless journey, the warmth of elements and the change of scenery.

Morning Musc

Elegant, classic, authentic and sensual, rediscover the art of haute parfumerie in its fullness through the limited edition of fragrances. Elegant refinement best describes the design of these six bottles, which come in shimmering colours and are embellished with a gold plated medallion. Sensual and sophisticated, the fragrant compositions are odes to a journey of both the mind and body. Their floral or fruity top notes soften the explosion of the oriental middle and base notes. The Collector takes you on a journey to an extraordinary world, one that you could never have imagined.

Morning Musc can be located at the following stores: Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Galleries Lafeyette, Debenhams, Faces, Bloomingdales, House of Fraser in Abu Dhabi, Vavavoom and Paris Gallery.

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