Montblanc Legend Intense.

The same beautiful story may be told in many ways. It’s a question of style and material.

MONTBLANC-LEGEND-INTENSE-VISUAL-POS-A-0.70Of differences that make a man unforgettable and a perfume inimitable. The introduction of Montblanc’s brand-new signature fragrance “Legend” in 2011 marked the official relaunch of Montblanc’s fragrance business. With the new prestigious edition “Montblanc Legend Intense”, Montblanc proposes a more intense version of “Montblanc Legend”.

“Montblanc Legend Intense” is a modern and timeless interpretation of the Legend scent on a spicier, warmer note with the contemporary style and discreet refinement of Montblanc. Combining strength and contrast, this sent celebrates the seductive power and charisma of the sophisticated man with an unforgettable signature.

The primitive fern harmony is teased by a duo of cardamom and Pepper wood scents, blowing fresh, woody and willowy. Little by little, this vibrant personality is enriched with unusual woods, warm but dry, ardent but precise, reflecting mysterious virility and sensuality. Wrapped in Evernyl (*), the talismanic raw material of Montblanc Legend, and the olfactory power of tonka bean, this supplement of soul adds a powerful yet subtle breath to the creation.

The Legend bottle design adds to a final impression of power and absolute refinement by covering the fragrance in an intense new look with a metallic, carbon-colored body finished with the famous Montblanc emblem on the cap.

(*) Molecule derived from oak moss

It is available as a 50ml and 100ml EDT.

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