Mandarina Duck Black Extreme … A Whiff Of Luxury For Men

The success of the Mandarina Duck Black has prompted Idesa Parfums to unveil the intensely luxurious Mandarina Duck Black Extreme for men


Mandarina Duck Black Extreme
Mandarina Duck Black Extreme

Following the universal success that greeted the Mandarina Duck Black, Idesa Parfums, a perfumery and cosmetics company based in Barcelona, has laid on the table the new Mandarina Duck Black Extreme. This premier masculine fragrance covets a man who is cosmopolitan, sophisticated and unique. The cynosure of all eyes wherever he goes, the Black Extreme Man is sure of himself and handles sophistication with confidence. He is a man of success and knows how to enjoy the best. Black Extreme, in fragrance and man form, evokes only one feeling – and that’s a premium unequalled.

The Looks: Quintessence of Luxury

The design is not unlike the Mandarina Duck Black, sporting a crystal cube of a brilliant black, with smoothly rounded corners and crowned with a sparkling golden cap. A bottle  that displays carefully selected materials, the enormous golden letters of the brand’s logo appear framed in a black setting for that perfect elegance in a special class. Below the brand, the logo is repeated with its iconic duck. The golden touches over the black reinforce the luxurious character of the set.

Mandarina Duck Black Extreme Visual
Mandarina Duck Black Extreme Visual

The Fragrance

The fragrance is presented in the form of an eau de parfum, more intense, concentrated and penetrating. The use of premium ingredients gift this extravagant perfume  an aura of elegance, an effect that expert perfect perfumer Nathalie Lorson (Firmenich), of the house of Firmenich has worked hard to achieve.

In its top notes, Black Extreme will surprise you with its exotic, original and bubbly character, thanks to the citric and Mediterranean touches provided by Bergamot and intense tangerine, blending with pepper, sweet and the hot at the same time.

In its middle notes,  a duel between warm Tonka beans and the lively freshness of orange and tiare blossoms reveals its elegant masculine character and the intensity of the composition. The bottom notes bring the warmth of extreme sensuality, while manifesting its more Oriental side. The legendary sandalwood draws its notes in contrast with vanilla, rich in sweet and intense nuances, and the aromatic richness of cedar.

Beautifully refined, the Mandarina Duck Black Extreme represents an olfactive luxury, in all its purity. You can pick up a 100 ml bottle of this stunning eau de parfum at AED 290.


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