Magic Bottled By Jill Stuart in Crystal Bloom

A crystal clear fragrance features an accord that is exclusive to this perfume

Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom
Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom

A bouquet of flowers concocts what promises to be the most translucent and lovely fragrance in the world. A crystal sensual note with an appealing fragrance offers both translucency and depth. A complex mix of lovely flowers blend with the fragrance of musk and creates that all important definition that characterises a woman.

One of the top perfumers of the world, Christine Nagel, has skillfully managed to create and maintain the concept of Jill Stuart’s range of perfumes as clear and floral. For Crystal Bloom, the top note is a floral note, woven from the delicate sweetness of Sweet Pea and Snowdrop that create a gentle fragrance, while Neroli and Orange bring translucency.

The middle note continues the floral trail. White flower Edelweiss, Magnolia, Freesia, Rose and Jasmine form an enveloping sense of comfort. A hint of Raspberry lifts the heart of the scent with the requisite fruity deliciousness in the bouquet of flowers.

The base note is opened by an original Tutu Accord created especially for this fragrance by the perfumer. It is an original accord created especially for this fragrance that has a soft, tutu dress like effect, building up from below and spilling its fragrance out, providing depth to the entire fragrance with a powdery, sweet veil, inviting you into a world of pure, unsullied sensations. The Tutu Accord allows more than 100 different materials to each bloom individually, and overlap on top one after the other. Accentuating the magic of the specially created Accord, are ingredients like Fragrant Olive, Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang, Cedar wood, Musk and Amber.

The ornate cap
The ornate cap

A bottle that is topped by a cap crowned by a bouquet of three flowers, each with five petals, and each with the sparkling aurora of a Swarovski Crystal embedded in its center, encapsulates the essence of the perfume. The base is decorated with a relief in a flowery motif, evocative of the stamen and pistil of flowers. A scattering ray of light flashes in return as the twenty-sided, original cut bottle catches light, creating the effect of a precious jewel befitting the royalty.

A fragrance enriched with all the goodness of a wispy crystal, bottled in an ornate container and presented in an alluring manner for the woman in you who needs to be pampered in a special manner from time to time.





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