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J’adore l’Or, the strength of noble grandeur


This year, as every year, the spirit of Christmas enchants the House of Dior, inspiring dreams and wonder.

Christian Dior was particularly fond of the magic of this holiday season, a time for families and for sharing.

He was a generous man, thanking his loyal collaborators with carefully chosen gifts.

In true festive spirit, he imagined a host of presents for the elegant ladies of Paris, creating them around a series of enchanted themes, from “The Circus” to “Once upon a time in Versailles…” Accessories and rare limited editions, such as magnificent “Grand Luxe” perfume bottles made by the Baccarat Crystal glassworks, came in beautiful red and gold boxes to celebrate the traditional colours of the festive season.

Clad in its legendary gold and glass amphora, today J’adore l’Or upholds this magic. Composed by the Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy, the sumptuous floral bouquet of this fragrance is expressed in shimmering grandeur.

Born from a mysterious drop of gold, the emblematic amphora glitters, catching the eye and inspiring enchanting daydreams. Its sillage is a guide, its bright glow a promise at the heart of this beautiful Christmas night…

J’adore l’Or, the strength of noble grandeur

Of all the different J’adore signatures, J’adore l’Or is the quintessential composition. A vivid bouquet of flowers in which no single note rises above the other, an accord in perfect harmony.

Extreme and noble, François Demachy’s creation stuns with its noble intensity; it dares to combine the most beautiful flowers in Grasse with a special oriental facet that is unique in the J’adore world. A bold fragrance with opulent undertones that instantly appeals and hook you in.

J’adore l’Or, an ideal harmony between Grasse and the Orient

J’adore l’Or is an ode to Fine Materials, a sensual fragrance whose balance is poised in perfect harmony between several potent Absolutes. This highly concentrated composition manages to blend the sparkle of delicate flowers with a rich oriental sensuality.

J’adore l’Or is an Impressionist bouquet whose seduction is heightened by sensual oriental notes.”

François Demachy

** J’adore l’Or magnifies its floral bouquet thanks to Centifolia Rose Absolute and Jasmine Absolute from Grasse.

The Absolutes come from flowers harvested exclusively for Dior at the Domaine de Manon. This exceptional land between the mountains and the sea provides the special climatic conditions that make these flowers unique.

The Jasmine Grandiflorum that blooms there possesses unique notes, which François Demachy characterises as delicate facets. An “ideal” flower, like a “magnified vision”, he extols the olfactory powers of this Provencal Jasmine. As the guarantor of the quality of Dior raw materials, he makes sure he is present at the Domaine de Manon for the annual harvest in the fields. He is there at the break of dawn for the crucial moment of harvest, before the sun beats down.

Another queen in this unique land that the Perfumer-Creator particularly cherishes is the Centifolia Rose, or May Rose, whose blooms bring a different facet due to their special sensuality. This subtle facet is obtained thanks to strictly traditional growing methods, where the patience and savoir-faire passed on from generation to generation preside over the beauty of these blooms.

Mixed with the delicateness of these exceptional raw materials, Tonka Bean Absolute and Tahiti Vanilla Absolute bring a suave, potent seduction that envelops the floral notes in a sensual caress.

With the rich expressiveness of these two Absolutes, François Demachy revisits the composition of an Oriental fragrance in a truly modern interpretation.

J’adore, the Elegance of Excess

The creation of J’adore l’Or brought a spark of innovation with its generous 400 ml capacity, a first in the field of highly concentrated fragrances.

This invitation to opulence and ample perfuming turns the act of perfuming oneself into a truly infinite luxury. Packaged entirely by hand in an elegant box, J’adore l’Or honours the Dior art of perfuming.

The top of the J’adore amphora is instantly recognisable thanks to its long, slender neck circled with fine gold rings. Like a precious jewel, the design of J’adore l’Or offers a refined reinterpretation of the shimmering finesse of a Couture thread. Its faceted relief reveals the details of expert craftsmanship while its sculpted texture beckons to be touched.

Inspiring a sense of luxury and generosity, the J’adore l’Or amphora also exists in a Prestige Edition: crafted in Baccarat crystal, adorned in fine gold and sculpted by a Master Engraver, it is a model of artistic craftsmanship and expertise.

Today J’adore l’Or has chosen to express its grandeur in a new large-format 400 ml bottle that magnifies the beauty of the glass and highlights the distinctive J’adore accoutrements. Sculpted like a gem, it is finely engraved then dipped in a pool of gold to produce its glittering sheen. Pure craftsmanship that illustrates a rare and special talent. A masterful piece topped with a crystal-clear glass pearl – the pinnacle of the J’adore amphora’s famous Figure-8 silhouette. The ultimate finishing touch, like a droplet balanced with delicate finesse.

Infused with magical sparkle, J’adore is a moment suspended in time. In the midst of this Christmas night, golden is the aura of J’adore…

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