L’Eau Serge Lutens – New fragrance

Though water sometimes raises questions, it always answers 

packshot_leseaux_presse_MDWhat!? The beast haunted by the stench of cabinets filled with poisons, criminal alchemies, perfumes smelling of flesh and children’s cries was no longer content to harass poor mortals with his black masses! Now, under the skies, the ungodly wretch pursued coolness. The coolness of the hot iron pressing back and forth over the cool linen of memory. But that coolness alone was not enough for him. Heretic! After a moment, even chillier now, a few degrees lower, he thought of those old sayings: “I felt the heat from that” and “It sent shivers down my spine”. He christened his new daughter “Eau Froide” (Cold water)

In the lightest part of the crystal, black as night, he gazed at the Pole star as it murmured to him: “Do as I do: be the first to shine” Under its radiance, he made the sign of the cross and said: “So be they”

Serge Lutens

L’Eau Serge Lutens
What’s left when you’ve forgotten: fingertips dipped in a bowl of water, sprinkling the linen as if blessing a crowd and steaming the cotton, the iron pressing down on the crease. It’s the smell of the steam enhancing the freshness.

L’Eau Froide
After a bad fright, people sometimes say “I felt the heat from that” or “It sent shivers down my spine” These two phrases, now placed in water, have become one. The heroine here is a seed laid on arid soil by random wind; through its endurance, under the stifling heat, it has become a tree. Had it not created its own air conditioning, the plant, under its mineral harshness, would have died. When we cut through its bark to the trunk, tears of incense flow out, as cool and transparent as glass. That is its essence. Glacial.

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