L’autre Ôud – New fragrance

A new fragrance from the house of Lancome

1The Brussels Universal Exhibition of 1935… It was here that Armand Petitjean unveiled his very first olfactory collection: five fragrances perfectly reflecting his passion for the refinement of essences and the beauty of absolutes. That day, Lancôme’s fate was sealed; the brand was destined to become a luxury fragrance maison.

Awakening the imagination, saying the unsayable, inspiring dreams… These are the fundamentals behind the brand’s creations.

Maison Lancôme draws from its vibrant heritage, carefully collecting the most precious scents, materials and inspirations to distil them within fragrances. As elegant as it is authentic, this collection is deeply infused with an ambition for excellence. This year, it welcomes a new jus inspired by a journey to the Orient. An opulent daydream of mysteries and rare delights is revisited in this new vision of Oud.



In the beginning, there was oud. Potent, dark and shadowy; a wood possessed. A unique, instantly recognisable soul and scent: intense with hypnotic animal notes of leather. A mystical wood evoking exotic luxury of the utmost refinement.

Precious in its rarity, oud is coveted by all. Maison Lancôme defies the laws of perfumery with the composition of an imaginary oud, L’Autre Ôud, a sublime fragrance rich enough to preserve the majesty of this legendary wood.

An ode to oud

Perfume-maker Christophe Raynaud reveals a new vision of oud. Allegory of a precious fragrance, it oscillates between light and dark, between strength and softness, masculine and feminine. A heady fragrance whose emblematic animal notes of leather are swathed in a profusion of rich, smooth roses. Sublime in its animal nature, it flawlessly, subliminally mirrors oud…

Respect for tradition gives rise to perfection 

L’Autre Ôud is created in the tradition of major fragrances, fully respecting the creative conventions of Maison Lancôme. Like all of the pieces in this collection, it is made up of three acts formed by three major accords:

  • An ôud accord. Reinventing the sheer power and vibrancy of this wood is a stunning feat of style. To achieve it, a perfect synergy of over 17 preciously selected ingredients had to be crafted. A secret alchemy impossible to fathom… A mischievous interplay of essences: spiced glimmers of Indian Cypriol, smoky notes of Gaiac wood, the camphor-aromatic asperities of Clary Sage, the depth and power of Patchouli, the animal nature of Rockrose and the rooty warmth of Vetiver… Joined by the softness of Amyris, the Gurjum balsam moss, the sensuality of Myrrh Absolute and the sheer strength of Rockrose Absolute.
  • A Rose Absolute accord. Rose, the queen of flowers and Lancôme’s eternal brand emblem has featured in all its olfactory creations since 1935. In L’Autre Ôud, an accord composed of Bulgarian and Turkish rose Absolutes, bathes the fragrance in voluptuous, sensual luminosity.
  • A Saffron Pistil accord. Intriguing, spiced top notes…


Contrasting glass and gold, a playfully arabesque, the radiance of an amber elixir… The door is ajar, inviting you in… The bottle for l’Autre Ôud welcomes you into a realm of dreams and distant journeys. It arbours the most emblematic code of Maison Lancôme: the door of number 29, rue du Faubourg St Honoré in Paris. Bridging the gap between tradition and a desire for elsewhere, it suddenly metamorphoses into an intriguing Mashrabiya lattice. A classic design reimagined as a luxury jewellery case, reliquary of this rare, mystical fragrance…

Interview with perfumer Christophe Rayaud

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