La Tentation De Nina

Nina……Is it a dream or reality? A fantasy or a desire?

La Tentation de NinaHer name is Nina. She is young, beautiful and mysterious. She is on a quest: a journey towards herself, through a labyrinthine forest. Should she pass through the mirror? Or follow that snowy owl? Bite into this apple? Or else cross this frontier? There is a gleam in the distance. It is coming from a light in the window of a house, deep in the woods. She tightens her cape and quickens her stride. Something is drawing her there, but what can it be?

Here comes La Tentation de Nina. It is a macaron-like fragrance; or a perfume-like macaron. This limited, highly sought-after edition was born from the magical encounter between Ladurée and Nina Ricci. It opens a new chapter in a fairy tale that started in 2006, and it is all about Nina. It is an adventure punctuated with surprises, collectors’ items and irresistible must-haves. Right from the beginning, its apple-bottle has become the emblematic symbol of a generation.

The perfume, It starts with a delicate sensation to the touch. A soft-touch bottle of an infinite mildness. A trace has been left on the apple’s skin: a hint of gold on a pure, rosy apple. La Tentation de Nina is a fresh, floral, fruity Eau de Toilette, which is utterly addictive. It is the new creation of Olivier Cresp, Master Perfumer and creator of Nina’s saga. In an awakening of the senses, a macaron accord has been married to the distinctly singular signature of Nina.

Firstly, Italian bergamot envelops its citrus facets, before a zest of grapefruit rounds off this incitement to desire. Then raspberries, almonds, lemons and Bulgarian rose absolute join together in a surprising macaron accord. Finally, Bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood round off its sensual headiness.

Ladurée, For lovers of macarons, the very word conjures up a dream of indulgence. This famous Maison on Rue Royale has been delighting the taste-buds of Parisians and visitors from around the world since 1862.

Olivier Cresp and Vincent Lemains
Olivier Cresp and Vincent Lemains

A collaboration between these two artists seemed both inevitable, and yet dicey. It was rather an insane gamble to work on a fragrance as though it were a macaron, and a macaron like a perfume. It was a challenge that Olivier Cresp, the Master Perfumer, and Vincent Lemains, the New Creation Pastry Chef, have accepted with elegance.

Perfume Macarons, The mirror effect is striking. An intense, pink macaron topped with a leaf of gold. An explosion of tastes in the mouth, with raspberries, lemons, roses and almonds. This creation in osmosis heightens temptation.

As in a dream, all the senses are stimulated.


La Tentation de Nina 
Limited edition
Eau de Toilette 50ml and 80ml
Available in select perfumeries


Round box of 14 La Tentation de Nina macarons 
Square box of 8 La Tentation de Nina macarons 
La Tentation de Nina candle 220g 
Available in all Ladurée stores in France and abroad

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