Kilian Launches Eternal Oud, New Fragrance Available At Paris Gallery

Eternal Oud is a very intense interpretation of the earlier Musk Oud, with an overdose of natural essential oil of Oud from India.

Musk Oud is a perfume built on the contrast between a liquorish rose and an animalic oud harmony made pleasant thanks to captive musk from Firmenich. In the opening, the citrus notes bring a ray of light warmed by spices. A cypress trace brings an unexpected departure to this unusual vibrato. The heart is an explosion of roses made syrupy and intoxicating thanks to the rum extract

Eternal Oud By Kilian
Eternal Oud By Kilian

Eternal Oud adds to that animal and sensual scent a more floral and spicy inflection with rose absolute and saffron notes. An overdose of natural essential oil of oud from India makes this fragrance a very powerful and precious scent.

A new box has been designed for the Middle East exclusive collection. The black lacquered box is adorned with a gold plaque on the top. The plaque is engraved with an Arabic calligraphy meaning ‘Arabian Nights’ and created especially for Middle-East exclusives collection by the calligrapher Faouzia Hilmy.

Retail price: 50 ml – AED 1950


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