Jean Patou Collection Heritage Is Timeless

A homage to the classics by Jean Patou recreates the vintage magic

The Heritage Collection, which was introduced last year with contemporary adaptations of Jean Patou’s classics Patou Pour Homme, Eau de Patou and Chaldee, will be enriched with a couple of modern versions of perfumes that were originally created in 1925, and dedicated to blondes, brunettes and red-haired ladies who were known as Amour-Amour, Que Sais-Je? and Adieu Sagesse. The freshly revamped fragrant compositions are signed by Thomas Fontaine.

Jean Patou
Jean Patou

In addition to the women’s vintage interpretations from 1925, the house of Jean Patou launches three more fragrances that belong to the famous vintage collection—L’Heure Attendue (1946), Vacances (1936) and Colony (1938), all of which have also been reformulated by Thomas Fontaine to complete the enviable Heritage collection that brings a breath of old times, presented in a contemporary manner.

Recreated version of Jean Patou Heritage Collection
Recreated version of Jean Patou Heritage Collection

Deux Amours

It is a fragrance that will make your heart beat faster. Its composition sums luxury, elegance and a deep sense of bourgeois lifestyle. The fragrance is dedicated to blondes and was launched in 1925 as Amour Amour. In its modern reinterpretation, the fragrance offers a delightful cocktail of floral greens. The whole composition is built on fresh notes of bergamot and neroli, which are followed up by the floral notes of rose, jasmine, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. The base of the fragrant pyramid evokes the smell of lush woods, along with the creamy nuances of sandalwood and audacious smell of styrax.

Adieu Sagesse

Back in 1925, Jean Patou dedicated his floral fragrance with a gorgeous trail, Adieu Sagesse, to red-haired ladies. The composition is characterized by lively neroli in the top notes, enhanced by citrusy floral and extremely vibrant aromas of lily of the valley and neroli in the heart, laid on a warm base that blends musk and civet for a lasting signature on the skin.

Que Sais-Je?

The third Jean Patou fragrance inspired by ladies is devoted to brunettes. Que Sais-Je is designed as a chypre fragrance with rich nuances of flowers and fruits. The composition opens with the fruity sweetness of peach, apple and orange blossoms, followed by delicate floral notes of rose, carnation and jasmine. The base is made of honey and patchouli.

Jean Patou's L'Heure Attendue
Jean Patou’s L’Heure Attendue

L’Heure Attendue

Originally launched in 1948, L’Heure Attendue was created to celebrate the long-awaited moment of liberation. This woody-spicy-oriental fragrance, with an encouraging composition, offers subtle echoes of sublime aromas that reflect the maturity of life.




Jean Patou's Vacances
Jean Patou’s Vacances

This fragrance was launched in 1938. The freedom and festivity of being granted paid holidays was celebrated in style throughout France by many, including Jean Patou. The composition is based on a blend of green chords and powdery nuances, fresh forest aromas and carefully chosen, sophisticated floral notes.




Jean Patou's Colony
Jean Patou’s Colony

This is a fragrance that awakens the longing for warmer days, and faraway destinations where you will expand your horizons and get away from the gloomy and dark rumours of war. Colony was made in 1936 as an answer to dreams and desires. The fragrance is woven from fruits and flowers, which are strongly embraced by chypre notes to give an exotic symphony of hot spices and the lush foliage of the jungle, with a little bit of Creole charm.

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