INITIO Reveals Seven Perfumes

Initio Parfums Prives brings out seven perfumes in 2 mystical ranges, the Absolutes and Magnetic blends

The new range by INITIO Parfums Prives include the Absolutes blends- 4 creations elaborated from the finest blend of the rarest ingredients, and the Magnetic blends that harness the power of pheromones- 3 fragrances composed of molecules whose invisible powers influence behaviour.

Initio-Packshot-BBWThe Absolutes Blends

Blessed Baraka

A solar fragrance endowed with a sacred strength to provoke the hand of fate. A captivating blend of musk, sandalwood and amber. An intangible energy that surrounds the wearer, Blessed Baraka‘s effect oscillates between pure power and pure addition.

Olfactory Notes of Blessed Baraka: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber

Mystic ExperienceInitio-Packshot-MEW

A heady and distinguished combination of musk and coffee, this fragrance captivates the senses, unsettling all around the wearer. A fragrance for the initiated on a quest for transcendent experiences.

Olfactory Notes of Mystic Experience: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber, Coffee, Oakmoss

Divine Attraction

Initio-Packshot-DAWLeather and vetiver blend beauty, strength and the supernatural within an accord that loves to provoke in this fragrance that feeds fantasies.

Olfactory Notes of Divine Attraction: Vetiver, Leather


Absolute Aphrodisiac

The softness of vanilla, intimately intertwined with the animal potency of musk and castoreum. A powerful fragrance that obsessively reminds you of the other. A truly aphrodisiac essence.

Olfactory Notes of Absolute Aphrodisiac: White Flowers, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Castoreum, Leather

The Magnetic Blends

Magnetic Blend 1Initio-Packshot-M1W

Magnetic, bestial, deeply erotic… the natural power of ambergris in a molecule outshines with pheromone effects in this fragrance.

Olfactory Notes of Magnetic Blend 1: Amber, Ambergris

Magnetic Blend 7

Initio-Packshot-M7WThe sheer mystery of a molecule infused with the pheromone power of animal musk. It fuses with skin, revealing its inner nature. Like fire under ice, its sweet violence builds to a devastating crescendo.

Olfactory Notes of Magnetic Blend 7: Musk

Magnetic Blend 8

Initio-Packshot-M8WA noble, commanding fragrance. Its natural accents amplify the molecule’s pheromonal strength. In a blend of carnal potency and supernatural vibrations, musk and frankincense confers a magnetic presence.

Olfactory Notes of Magnetic Blend 8: Oakmoss, Olibanum, Incense

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