Imaginary Authors' Yesterday Haze For Romancing Today

Who needs the promise of a tomorrow when you have a yesterday shrouded in a misty haze that is comforting and alluring

Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors
Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors fictional scribe Lenora Blumberg, who penned the enticing fragrance Violet Disguise, is back with another page-turner from this literary-inspired perfume house created by Josh Meyer.

Yesterday Haze, the subtly sinister follow-up to Lenora Blumberg’s acclaimed debut Violet Disguise, tells the story of a farmer’s wife who, after maintaining a decades-long affair with a crop duster pilot, decides to come clean to her husband, who also happens to be her lover’s employer. “Just as sunsets are more beautiful on hazy days, so too, are the memories of yesterday,” writes Blumberg of her inspiration.

The new volume is set in California’s tranquil and dusty San Joaquin Valley, where Imaginary Authors suggests the elaborate tale will unfold like a dream, delicately shifting perceptions like the colors of a dimming dusk. The label and packaging reflect the dreamy sunset atmosphere and depict elements of the scent’s story.

Notes of Fig, Iris, Cream, Tonka Bean, Tree Bark, Walnut Bitters and Orchard Dust mingle to create a heady scent that is capable of tripping one down the memory lane. Imaginary Authors is recommending this for day into evening wear, to allow its seductive, dreamlike quality to work like a magnet, luring those around the wearer into his or her sphere.



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