Gris Montaigne – A strong olfactory character

Gris Montaigne asserts a strong olfactory character composed with the most precious raw materials 

00012588-DiorGris-Montaigne“A contemporary chypre, a refined interpretation of the emblematic note that bursts forth in the very first Dior perfume, Miss Dior”, François Demachy.

A short, edgy formula that composes a harmonious chypre: a citrus top note, a floral accord, a woody note highlighted by Patchouli on a mossy amber base. Moss, the subtle scent of moist undergrowth infuses the true identity of this interpretation of chypre. The citrus top springs from one of the finest Bergamots of all, from Calabria. Turkish Rose absolute breathes a subtly spicy floral note, almost masculine, while Sambac Jasmine from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu fills Gris Montaigne with a voluptuous, sensual feel. An Indonesian Patchouli heart swathes the perfume in a uniquely sensual elegance.

A thoroughbred perfume that blends classic heritage and modernity. A multi-faceted scent, a subtle signature like the soft rustle of grey flannel.

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