Giorgio Armani Has Two New Fragrances Coming

Vert Malachite expresses the vastness of the magnificent lands of Russia while the second, Rouge Malachite, pays homage to the beauty of Russian women and the strength of their temperament

A new chapter in the Armani / Privé story, ‘La Collection des Terres Précieuses’ gathers the artistic olfactory creations conceived by Giorgio Armani during his travels. The first two creations in this new line, Vert Malachite and Rouge Malachite, are a tribute to Russia, named after the legendary malachite stone.

Nicknamed ‘the stone flower’, legend has it that malachite was bestowed on the Russian people by the ancient mountain goddess who protected it. The nickname reflects the duality of this precious gem, at once strong and delicate. Giorgio Armani was inspired by a piece of Malachite in his possession to create these fragrances, looking to depict the expanse of Russian lands, from Moscow to the Urals.

Vert Malachite

rsz_ArmaniPrive_VertEthereal and powerful, Vert Malachite reveals a very feminine sensuality. A delicately balanced floral fragrance, it is both fresh and intoxicating, leaving a soft yet lingering trail. To interpret this stone, perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin (Firmenich) invented a radiant lily, which throbs at the heart of Vert Malachite.

Top: Bitter Orange, Petitgrain

Heart: Pink Pepper, Ylang Ylang, Sambac Jasmine,

Base: Lily, Vanilla, Benzoin


Rouge Malachite

rsz_3614271063717_Prive-Rouge-Malachite_01Rouge Malachite is an expression of Russia’s contrasting culture, with its mysterious, intoxicating power, and by its women, whose fair complexion lights up with red- full of life and hope. Rouge Malachite transports the wearer to the centre of an incandescent world, where tuberose revels in its opulence and voluptuousness. A carnal accord with exuberant notes oscillating between strength and gentleness. It is a vision of a solar tuberose created by Pascal Gaurin (IFF).

Olfactory Notes of Rouge Malachite:

Top: Tuberose, Clary Sage, Pink Pepper

Heart: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Sambac Jasmine, Cashmeran Wood, Benzoin

Base: Tuberose, Amber


With these two fragrances, Giorgio Armani expresses his fascination with this sweeping, ever-changing country, conjuring up all the strength and depth of the Slavic soul.

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