Gianfranco Ferré Presents The True Gentleman L’Uomo

L’Uomo, not just a fragrance but a programmatic manifesto of new masculinity…

Gianfranco Ferré’s new fragrance L’Uomo is composed like a Tom Waits music score where the sound of a bell has the same importance of an entire orchestra. It belongs to the fresh oriental olfactive family.


Perfumer Nicholas Beaulieu created an unusual blend of vibrant, peppery head notes and light green heart notes along with a persistent sensuality that strongly emerges in the base notes. The refined accord of different accents makes this Eau de Toilette iconic and unforgettable: a new classic in men’s perfume.

gf-luomo-bottle-100mlThe inspiration came from the Gianfranco Ferré’s menswear collection, first launched in 1982 that challenged the banality of people who confuse luxury with ostentation and rigidity with rigour.

The same passion has led to the Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo, the fragrance that marks the beginning of a new era for the brand. This special Eau de Toilette transmits all the values of Gianfranco Ferré menswear: tradition and innovation, respect of orthodoxy and a desire for new rules, and a search for beauty, honesty and substance.

Dedicated to a man who needs no adjectives but only a definite article that underlines his uniqueness, Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo is not just a fragrance but a programmatic manifesto of new masculinity.unnamed

Gianfranco Ferré is the first brand to choose a digital influencer as the testimonial and storyteller of its new fragrance: Matthew Zorpas, a Greek Cypriot who lives in London. He is a true gentleman of the third millennium: always elegant, well-groomed, with impeccable manners and contemporary classic style. He was chosen as the testimonial for Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo due to his perfect visual identity on the web, but also for his infallible instinct in capturing the best of everything.

Olfactory Notes of L’Uomo:

Top: Bergamot, Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper

Heart: Violet, Artemisia, Green Apple, Sage

Base: Sandalwood, Spanish Citron, Lichens, Amber, Vanilla

Available in 100 ml Eau de Toilette, at retail price AED 275

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