Fall In Love With Baby Doll

Love has no boundaries. Neither do fragrances like Baby Doll from YSL, which are sure turn-ons when it comes to falling in love and gets you to do the most unexpected…

The box, a gift from him, in a shimmering red wrapper on her dressing table seemed to be watching her since she woke up in the morning. Against the gold surface, beside her pearl necklace that she had carelessly discarded last night after returning from a party, the box strangely looked as if it rightfully belonged among 
her jewels.

It was Valentines and predictably, year after year, since the past five years that they had been living in, he always took her to the Bay yacht to celebrate Valentine’s beneath the stars.
The evening sun was setting. It had turned fierce orange. She sighed knowing very soon that the hue 
would fade and darkness would 
cover the world the way her heart 
has been covered.

Nothing seemed to be working. The arguments were increasing as rapidly as the agreements were decreasing. She turned away, her satin gown swirling as she walked from the balcony to the dressing table. Where has the love gone? Their little magical world was fading away.

Today, he had left for work before 
she had woken up, leaving a gift on 
her jewelry box.

At least this year, on Valentine’s, 
she had half wished, half prayed for a ring, even though he had been clear from the beginning that he didn’t believe in marriage.

How she wished she knew what was on his mind, wished something would indicate that he still cared, wanted her like before. something that showed her that his feelings had not changed, that her fears were unfounded. But no. The box on her dressing table was an indication that nothing has changed.

She tore open the gift. It was a 
perfume alright.

Brushing a tear she sat on the stool, trying to steady herself, to console her crying heart. It’s ok. It was indeed over, she tried to think as her eyes scanned the pink bedroom that they had painted together. A pink fairy tale bedroom for my little girl, he had said as he planted a kiss on her nose.

What should she do? She tried to think, to work out how best it would be to walk out in dignity, not show him how shattered she was. She looked at her trembling fingers that were feeling the imprint on the bottle. YSL, she traced the exquisite lettering on the bottle. Yves Saint Laurent, she frowned, Hadn’t he run away from home at the age of seventeen to study fashion design in Paris. She sighed. While he ran away from home and made a grand success, she in turn had messed hers up.

Impulsively she walked to her book shelf and searched and found the magazine which had an article on the famous designer.

In the bathroom, she sat on the edge of the bathtub and started reading as she waited for the bathtub to be filled.

Nobody gets roses all the time. Most times life hands out the thorns. How you deal with it is what makes you the person that you are, she lifted her chin. It would be extremely difficult without him but then she would never beg to be a part of his life, never cling. She blinked away the tears. She couldn’t afford to be weak. YSL sure knew what to do with his life unlike her, her lips twisted in dismay as she soaked in the bubbly pink water.

Reaching for the towel, she walked to the wardrobe and pulled the golden gown that she had bought for the occasion still carrying the magazine.

Except for running away from home there were no similarities between 
her and the designer but his story 
was taking her mind away from 
her troubles.

Saint Laurent launched his first women’s perfume, Y, followed by Rive Gauche for Women a few years later. Venturing ahead the designer also released the first YSL cologne for men, Pour Hommes.

Opium for Women followed later in 1977 and Opium for Men in1995. 
Then followed the Kouros series, 
and Young Sexy Lovely.

…an hour later, she tapped the bun and peered in the mirror. Her eyes looked swollen and sad. She blinked rapidly hoping the sadness would go away. 
She sighed as she reached for the short pink bottle. Baby Doll, she had not noticed the name of the perfume. 
A smile touched her lips…that was 
his name for her. The bottle was round and short…the pink liquid inside gave 
it a beautiful fresh appearance.

Smiling she sprayed a bit on her wrist and smelled it. The fruity floral perfume filled the air. She closed her eyes, trying to soak in the smell, willing it to take her sadness away. When she opened her eyes moments later she strangely felt light hearted, fresh and deliciously sensual. Was that the clue, did he select the perfume because 
of the name? Was he trying to tell 
her something?

The doorbell rang. Her heartbeat quickened. She rushed to the door.. She looked at him and smiled happily. He looked surprised at the smile but quickly recovered and returned it.

She placed her hand on his chest, 
the baby doll bottle of YSL still in her hand. He looked at the bottle and smiled. He tapped the small ring box inside the pocket of his trousers, before removing his hand and placing it over hers grateful for the pink bottle for 
saving his love.

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