Extrait de Parfum – Collection Stars Of Luna

From the innovative project of artistic perfumery inspired by the search for the root of the sum of the essence of perfume, on the wake of the refined Attar, here the creativity of Tiziana introduces two new wonders, dedicated to contain these precious extracts

From the precious nectar of Attar, in fact, we see the two gushing precious Extrait de Parfum able to give a unique experience, even stellar, to whom will have the privilege of wearing them.

We decided to decline our precious Attar in an equally precious Extrait de Parfum version to give to our loyal fans the pleasure of a family and daily use of these wonderful stars. We recommend to the more daring and sophisticated, eager to live an unforgettable experience, to combine the use of this extract combined to his attar to create a perfume with an incredible long lasting effect and indomitable and persistent wake.

No one can help but notice you. From the constellation of Orion, here are two essences inspired by the most magical stars Saiph and Tabit, incredibly wealthy and rich, with exceptional long lasting effect and disturbing wake. A true object of stellar pleasure able to create, in the hands of skilled experts, unique and inimitable compositions.

The creation contained in this Extrait de Parfum was born from a journey of exploration, which the mind accomplishes through memories that come together in the childish dream of a fairy country. The chiaroscuro of memory becomes, with this nectar, an explosion of colors on the screen of imagination, access to the glare of the dream. A scent that you do not expect, and which surprises you from the first moment. A poetry nectar ready to kidnap you, to make you fly on the wings of the Ippogrifo among rainbows of wonder that only creativity can render.

A citrus bouquet lying on a bed of rose petals, supported by the effervescence of oxygen. Sweet and deep counterpoints of lovable fruit are chasing each other, expertly held up by precious woods and by the warm embrace of vanilla, amber and musk.

The work enclosed in this Extrait de Parfum is molded while traveling on the wings of a dream. The revelation that our inner self accomplishes when life contaminates crystallized memories is emphasized and shaped by the imagination of the child, free from any frame of mind.

A trip to the infinite extension of the sky, jumping between luminescent stars without fear of falling, because the earth is soft and cozy like sugar icing, and it’s covered by candied fruit notes of this scent of love.Tabit is a creation that conquers you from the first moment, and it will not abandon you. The scent is powerful but gentle, like the caress of a child smiling. Yet, it is provocative and sensual like a bewitching look, which you can not resist. Its top notes are sparkling and immediately playful, counterpoints of citrus and green leaves; fresh and radiant they recline on the warm sweetness of the coconut and fisheries, wrapping you like the hot sand of a summer sandy shore, in the sunny beach promenade of a Mediterranean village.

The impetus of joy explodes with all its beauty on the base notes of this attar, never far from its heart, royal and gentle.
Here, vanilla and precious amber play with precious woods, while the sweet sugar makes us dream about the delicious candy that we were craving when we were kids!

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