Esteban – Fragrantly French

A Heritage of French Perfumery

For 30 years, Estéban has developed a unique territory.

Built on 5 core values:

Inimitable fragrance signature
Decorative refinement
Innovation power
Respect for nature
French high quality

Inimitable fragrance signature

Timeless elegant compositions
with a daring touch

Exclusive & protected formula
Perfumes highly faithful

Decorative refinement

Midway Mediterranean civilisation and Japanese refinement,
with a unique French style.

To give to every interior
a sense of elegance
and poetry.

Respect for nature

THE-ESTEBAN-BRAND-LITTLE-BOOK-9Endless Progress to preserve Nature

• Candles: 100% vegetable wax,colorant-free,no petrochemical derivatives,100% pure cotton wick.
• Packaging: glass and boxes recyclable.
• Preserving natural resources:our Sandalwood comes from responsibly managed forests.

Scented ceramic

THE-ESTEBAN-BRAND-LITTLE-BOOK-21Ceramics production is an exclusive know-how that Estéban has mastered for 30 years. Cut out, pressed or carved, ceramic changes its form and colour to bring the brand’s creation to life.

• 100% French craft manufacture
• Clay totally recycled during production
• Diffuses the perfume over a long period of time
• Preservative free



All our candles have been made
in our workshops in France,
using carefully selected ingredients.
• 100% French craft manufacture
• 100% vegetable wax, colorant free
• 100% pure cotton wick
• Fragrance quality maintained
when cold as well as hot
• Recyclable box and glass

The decorative candle:
• Refillable for a long time
• The 2nd purchase for half price,
you buy only the refill

The classic candle:
• The sure value
• An alternative solution
for an affordable price

Room spray

THE-ESTEBAN-BRAND-LITTLE-BOOK-7The spray is the medium that offers the greatest subtlety in the perception of a perfumed composition, giving extra force to the discovery of the lead notes, the heart notes and finally the perfume’s base notes.

• French manufacture
• Denatured alcohol, contains no phthalates
• Preservative-free product
• Recyclable glass bottle and box.

Scented bouquet

Composed of vegetal sticks plunged into a scented solution, the scented bouquet perfumes your home for several weeks.

• Refill: – French manufacture – Denatured alcohol, contains no phthalates
• Vegetal sticks
• Recyclable glass bottle and box

Scent sphere

THE-ESTEBAN-BRAND-LITTLE-BOOK-11The easy-to-use fragrance sphere celebrates the art of perfume with its patented ceramic dome, featuring an exclusive system that diffuses the scent via capillary action.

• Breakthrough creation
• Filed community model
• Refillable product
• 100% pure cotton wick
• Recyclable box



THE-ESTEBAN-BRAND-LITTLE-BOOK-12Perfume mist diffusers

Even in large spaces, it reproduces all the subtlety of the perfume, expressing the liveliness of the top notes, the richness of the heart notes and the depth of the base notes.

• Works by a system of ultrasounds for a cold brumisation
• Designed to be used with Estéban refresher oils and essential oils
• Diffusion time: from 30 min till to 4 hrs’ non-stop.
Automatic stop – integrated timer

Refresher oil

Our refresher oils owe their subtlety to a very high variety of components and to their purity.

• French manufacture
• The most concentrated scent of the range
• Preservative-free
• Recyclable glass bottle


Our Indian incense sticks are made by craftsmen using natural components.
• Craft manufacture: natural vegetal binder, bamboo sticks and wood powder,
• Steam-treated stick – contains no pesticides,
• Colorant-free, no chemical glue,
• Recyclable box.

Our Japanese incense is produced by the world Japanese incense leader, supplier to the Imperial Court and possessor of manufacturing secrets going back over 400 years.
• Japanese manufacture,
• Composition based on natural materials: noble woods, plants, vegetal resins, etc…
• True, subtle perfume,
• Recyclable box.


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