Dunhill Desire Black Seduces This Spring

This new fragrance this spring by perfumer Irina Burlakova, Mane will arouse your senses like no other

Dunhill Desire Black
Dunhill Desire Black

Universally recognized for its masculine values, Alfred Dunhill has a rich history with over 100 years of experience in the world of luxury goods. Dunhill’s exquisite products are made at the highest level of craftsmanship for the most discerning clients.

In a world ruled by passion, Desire Black arouses the senses and teases the heart. Mysterious and seductive aromas evoke irresistible sensuality and unbridled charm. His elegance and charisma are magnetic, drawing her in and making her surrender to her deepest desires.

The Man

He is a confident, self-aware, and socially active man of the world. He charts his own course and chases his dreams, fully living his passions. He is contemporary, stylish, and balances grace and sophistication with masculinity in all that he does.

The Design

The Desire Black packaging embodies the seductive concept while paying homage to the classic dunhill design. The front facet detail of Desire Black synergizes with an array of masculine dunhill products, including the celebrated car head lamp and facet watch.

The ingenious cap is representative of dunhill’s clever British edge while the sheer back of the bottle adds an element of pure sensuality. The duality of the bottle exhibits all that this fragrance stands for: to desire and to be desired.

The style of the outer carton is harmonious with the sensuous bottle while paralleling the style and format of the other DESIRE brands. The design of the newest dunhill brand is contemporary yet timeless. Interpreted especially for this fragrance, it exudes masculine strength and precision.

The Fragrance

Inspired by the bold but charmingly seductive Dunhill gentleman, the fragrance is a sensual blend of essences combined to embody modern masculinity through the use of classic ingredients. A modern and charismatic opening was built upon the rush of Black Pepper and coupled with the refined citrus essences of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Petitgrain.

To create timeless elegance, rich saffron and cypress oils blend with luxurious Turkish Rose to add to the intensity of the middle. A smoky haze of vetyver, Arabian frankincense and Persian amber adds warmth to the darker notes of this noir essence and evokes refined masculinity and raw desire.


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