Diptyque’s New Offerings Inspired By The Colourful Flowers

Diptyque reinterprets the legendary fragrance of the royalty in a collection encompassing two olfactory variations:
Les Hespéridés (citrus scents) and Les Florales (floral scents)

Les Florales – delicate, endearing, entrancing – are paying homage to flowers in the irresistible radiance of their truly natural state. Following on from Eau Rose and Eau Mohéli, which celebrate rose and ylang-ylang, respectively, diptyque has composed two new scented creations that bring lavender and geranium to the fore.



Les Eaux: two diptyque collections which travel to the heart of the scents, fully exploring every aspect of their nature. The first, ‘Les Hespéridés’ (citrus scents), focused on citrus scents, the second, ‘Les Florales’ (floral scents), breathes life into the iconic flowers of perfumery. Eau Rose paid tribute to the ‘Queen of flowers’, Eau Mohéli revealed the surprising truth of ylang-ylang, and now the new opus, Eau de Lavande, examines the subtlety of lavender, a small flower that turns the fields of the South of France bright blue. Designed like an eau de toilette, that can be used liberally on yourself or to share, these compositions have many sides to them, just like the purest of fragrances. The raw materials are rigorously selected, and the blend is sophisticated: the emotion remains intact, it is the fragrance we recognise from nature.



This is a unisex fragrance. Just as the Hespéridés -citrus scents- bring out the citrus notes of the Mediterranean, the Florales- floral scents, the second opus of Les Eaux from diptyque, examines the complex structures of the iconic flowers used in perfumery acknowledging the marvellous creations of Mother Nature. Following Eau Rose, a faithful portrait of the most symbolic of flowers, and Eau Mohéli, which restored authenticity to ylang-ylang, Geranium Odorata evokes the memories of crimson coloured flowers whose springtime blossoming in gardens and on balconies announces the arrival of a joyful, sunny season.

Available as a 100ml bottle for AED 395!

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