Diptyque Launches Collection 34

Launched recently, collection 34 recaptures the spirit of the very first shop from diptyque’s founders

Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant who, in addition to displaying their textile creations, have always sold limited editions of objects unearthed here or there. A delightful mixture of genres that continue to influence each new item introduced by the House. Today, the collection is embarking on a new chapter.


Comprising of a blend of perfumes and candles, this collection is inspired by the founding principles of Diptyque.

The 34 Collection concerns all diptyque territories: perfume for you and for the home, as well as eclectic objects for an original art of living. A wonderful way of reviving the ‘bazaar’ spirit that once reigned over the boutique, affectionately named the ‘merchant of everything’ by the critics Gault and Millau in the 1960’s.


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