Diptyque Introduces New Floral Fragrances

Diptyque has added two new floral scents to their collection of feminine fragrances.

Diptyque Eau de Lavende and Geranium Odorata
Diptyque Eau de Lavende and Geranium Odorata

Diptyque reinterprets Les Eaux (water) in a collection that encompasses two olfactory variations: Les Hespéridés (citrus scents) and Les Florales (floral scents). Diptyque has now composed two new scented creations that bring lavender and geranium to the fore.

Eau de Lavende
Eau de Lavande explores the subtlety of lavender, a small flower found in the fields of the South of France. It is designed like an eau de toilette that can be used liberally in each use.

Geranium Odorata
Geranium Odorata exudes the scent of clusters of the crimson-coloured flowers whose springtime blossoming in gardens and on balconies announces the arrival of sunny season.

Both the scents are available in 100 ml eau de toilette bottles, as well as in Roll On packs.

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