Diptyque Introduces New Multipurpose Fragrance: Eau Plurielle

Diptyque’s new fragrance Eau Plurielle is a beautiful blend of Rose and ivy. The best part is that this fragrance can be used as a perfume as well as a home fragrance

Rose and ivy- iconic plants in the diptyque language – come together in a singular accord, forming an inspired duo, a radiant freshness that is beautifully captured in Diptique’s new home fragrance Eau Plurielle

French niche brand Diptyque have introduced a new fragrance called Eau Plurielle a reference to its multipurpose function


Eau Plurielle is a rare scent with many different uses. It is the link that delicately perfumes both skin and fabric, the body and all the materials that enfold it. A few seductive and volatile hesperidia notes introduce the accord, while musk and wood give it strength and staying power making it a preferred choice.

Notes of the Eau Plurielle: Ivy, Turkish roses, citruses, musks, woods


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