Dior Les Élixirs Précieux

Inspired by the Orient Dior Perfumer Creator Francois Demachy has created four perfumed oils to be combined with the most emblematic fragrances of La Collection Privee Christian Dior.

Elixir Precieux Gamme
Elixir Precieux Gamme

The House of Dior creates Les Élixirs Précieux, four perfumed oils to be combined with the most emblematic fragrances of La Collection Privée Christian Dior. Les Élixirs Précieux, or Dior’s own interpretation of  ‘layering’, the ancestral Middle-Eastern practice of superimposing one scent over another. The first proof of the existence of ‘layering’ comes from Persia, in the 4th millennium BC. This is where perfumed oil was invented: one of the oldest ways to perfume the body, well before alcohol.



Elixir Precieux Ambre
Elixir Precieux Ambre

Prime accords for a precious perfume ritual

Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy has taken these traditional oriental perfuming rituals and created a quartet of Les Élixirs Précieux as part of La Collection Privée Christian Dior: ‘Rose‘, ‘Ambre‘, ‘Musc‘ and ‘Oudh, four major accords. The perfumed oil is dabbed on pulse points: the inner wrist, behind the ear, along the hairline, at the start of the décolleté or in the elbow crease.

It blends as one with the heartbeat.




Contrasting Unions And Heightened Olfactory Signatures

François Demachy has created bold unions that reinvent the fragrances and celebrate the unexpected meeting between contrasting notes. Élixir Précieux Musc boosts the masculinity of Granville, completing the Eau de Parfum’s confidant charm. The evocative, enveloping notes of Élixir Précieux Rose reinvent the singular signature of Bois d’Argent. Élixir Précieux Ambre heightens the sensuality of New Look 1947, infusing an oriental facet into its intensely floral signature.


Noble Raw Materials And Intense Concentration

Elixir Precieux Rose
Elixir Precieux Rose

Each Élixir Précieux is highly concentrated. Each signature features a flourish of noble raw materials, all rigorously selected by François Demachy to meet the highest standards. ‘Rose’ magnifies Turkish Rose Essence and Absolute. ‘Ambre‘ asserts its intense sensuality, underscores the density of animal tones. ‘Oud‘ exalts the woody power of Agarwood Essence. ‘Musc‘ combines the evocative, enveloping nuances of musks.

Precious bottles for rare Elixirs, the bottles are like glass treasures, presenting precious drops of elixir that radiate beyond the fabulous weight of the glass. For an unforgettable new Dior perfume gesture, the stem on the cap places a droplet of indulgence on the pulse points of the body, just enough to let the fragrance express its full emotion.

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