Extremely Masculine Fragrances By Davidoff

Davidoff – The Game and The Game Intense. Because Existence is a Game…

The legacy of Davidoff’s unique sense of quality led to the creation of high-end and extremely masculine fragrances, appealing to charismatic and sophisticated men. The positive lifestyle of the company founder Zino Davidoff is a key component behind each Davidoff creation.

The Game and The Game Intense
The Game and The Game Intense

The Game
Launched in 2013, this fragrance was designed for those who are not afraid to stand out and assert themselves. Its juice is contrasting between vibrancy and refined sensuality. The perfume bottle is an embodiment of success, with heavy see-through black glass and satin-finish silver patterns.
Faithful to its concept, the perfume reflects that life is a game and you have to master the rules, always play fair.

The Game Intense

Building on its forerunner, The Game Intense adds a very distinctive touch of seduction and audacity. The latest fragrance was launched in 2013 following the outstanding success received by The Game.

In order to offer always more quality to the Davidoff man, the new fragrance increased in terms of intensity to provide the juice a renewed dimension of masculinity.
The intensity of the juice is reflecting through the perfume bottle, more elegant and visually striking with see-through black glass with mat black patterns for enhanced mystery.

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