Dahn Oudh Al Ittihad: Limited Edition Collection By Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal, the leading regional perfumery brand launches a limited edition collection of 20 years old concentrated Indian Dahn al Oudh perfume that is blended to perfection and bottled in regality and tradition and aptly called– ‘ Dahn Oudh Al Ittihad’ .

Representing a union of Tradition and Regality which is bottled in a beautifully hand Crafted piece of art, this perfume comes with a mesmerizing fragrance. Shaped to resemble a falcon, the show piece is embellished with the UAE flag colors, representing achievements of the past and glorious ambition for the future of this union among the seven Emirates.

In addition to this, one single piece of this regal and rare Dahn Al Oudh perfume is bejeweled with embellishments on the hood with 73 carats of real gemstones featuring Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds. This is the ultimate statement of royalty that pays its respect to the heart of Al Ittihad in terms of maturity and perfection.


Also, each bottle is accompanied with 24 Carat gold plated guarantee Scroll and descriptor. 

This limited edition collection is available at the Abu Dhabi Duty Free for a limited period.

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