Comptoir Sud Pacifique Launches Voyages en Orient

Comptoir Sud Pacifique launches Voyages en Orient..all new collection inspired by the mystics of Middle East

Comptoir Sud Pacifique – one of the most unique fragrance houses in the world- without focusing on the seventies, when the brand was born out of the imagination of Pierre and Josée Fournier. The couple were to fragrances what Magellan was to exploration: embarking on a daring expedition that has now bn recognized as an olfactory revolution: it was the beginning of unconventional perfumery.

Through their audacity and drawing on their travels, they made up collections of fragrances, inspired by the treasures of nature in distant lands. Comptoir Sud Pacifique lend their signature to fragrances just as figurative paintings will evoke memories of nature.

In 2010 Valérie Pianelli took over Comptoir Sud Pacifique and since then she has bn carrying this work based around the culture of travel forward with great passion. Since 1974 Comptoir Sud Pacifique has bn working with imagination, exceptional raw materials and visionary perfumers to forge a distinctive alchemical vision, creating some of the most intriguing, singular and dply personal scents.

In the new luxury collection “Voyages en Orient” made up of five fragrances, she aims to amaze consumers with natural raw materials. The origin of the inspiration behind this collection was a real journey through the Middle East….The Collection offers 5 stops for a mythical traveler looking for olfactory escape … 5 different countries linked by traditional and ancestral know-how in perfumery.

Each perfume in this collection reveals treasures… intense oriental flavors: Amber, Sandalwood, Opulent Flowers and Oudh, this rare wood with rich olfactory facets, sometimes floral or smoky and even animal scents. Here is an interpretation of a mythic journey with five unique and ultra modern scents, a crescendo of flings and emotions…… The imaginary journey begins on the Mediterranean sea shores at the gates of Istanbul in Turkey and ends at the borders of Arabia.. In between, there are 2 intermediate stages of this fabulous olfactory journey: a halt in the Cedar forests of Lebanon and a tour in the lands flooded by the Euphrates to savour the swt and sensual fragrance of jasmine…. An original collection: each fragrance is signed by a ‘nose’ whose personality, curiosity and enthusiasm for this project guided the creation.

Finally, some key points for this beautiful project: the freedom of choice in selecting the finest raw materials price being no object: a strong focus on product quality in the tradition of refined high perfumery

The five perfumes are:

Epices Sultanes

Bois Royal

Oudh Sensuel

Jasmine Poudre

Oudh Intense

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