Command Attention With Rien Intense Incense In État Libre d'Orange

Announce your presence with État Libre d’Orange 

Rien Intense Incense — État Libre d'Orange
Rien Intense Incense — État Libre d’Orange

Rien was a perfume created by Antoine Lie in 2006 that screamed intensely in a blast of harsh aldehydes, leather and incense. And, in an irony of sorts, État Libre d’Orange decided to amplify what was already one of their loudest editions so far. And, surprisingly, it turned out great! All the richness added to Rien in this intense version made it rounder and even more animalic, fatter and impossible to miss.

Rien Intense Incense opens with the same metallic kinetic aldehydes paired with Cumin and Black Pepper on top of the Leather accord. The Pepper and the Cumin are upped in concentration and it makes the chrome more brilliant and the Stygian aspect even deeper. The Rose, Orris and Patchouli add the same amount of herb-floral tinge as was found in the original. There is no hint of a powdery quality even with the increased concentration. Finally, the frankincense bolstered by higher amounts of Labdanum and Styrax impose their will. If incense was understated in Rien, not here. This has that metallic quality of the best Frankincense and it recapitulates the same character from the aldehydes in the top notes.


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