Clive Christian’s Modern ‘Twists’ On Its Classic Perfumes

Limited edition reinterpretations of Clive Christian original Collection X fragrances were exclusively launched at Paris Gallery

Clive Christian, the British luxury perfume brand, has reimagined some of its most popular fragrances in a new pair of limited edition luxury perfumes. Each Clive Christian original Collection Twist [‘Twist‘] is a uniquely limited edition modern fragrance that enhances and celebrates a single ingredient in each one of the Clive Christian X Original Collection perfumes.

The playful Twists retain the quality, complexity and depth of all Clive Christian perfumes while presenting a distinctively modern collection created for loyal fans of the brand and connoisseurs of luxury perfumery alike.

The Limited Edition perfumes have been launched in exclusive partnership with Paris Gallery and are limited to 1000 bottles of each of the Narcissus and Saffron X Twists.

X Twist Narcissus

The heart of X with the mesmerising introduction of Narcissus from the Cote d’Azur.

Not only does this new interpretation of X have the full-bodied sensuality of Egyptian jasmine at its heart, it also has a twist of bewitching narcissus, wild harvested in France’s southern climes. The base retains its warmth wrapped around woody notes and cashmere, but the heart note has the addition of lily of the valley, to add a touch of liveliness to the heady jasmine and narcissus. The top has an added drop of juicy apricot to lend a bright youthful touch.


X Twist Saffron

The heart of X with the precious introduction of saffron from the Vale of Kashmir.

X for men is given a twist of precious saffron spiciness, lending a beautifully deep warm base accord, of exceptional character. Combined with sensual orris and fragrant cinnamon at its heart, this fragrance has a uniquely creamy suede character. Oakmoss brings a natural touch along with aromatic sandalwood and musk at its base, whilst warm piquant spices such as pink pepper and ginger remain as top notes in this wonderfully balanced and sensual fragrance.

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