Chopard Presents The Rose Malaki

The fragrance is artfully complemented by the noblest of all spices, and that’s saffron

Chopard Rose Malaki
Chopard Rose Malaki

In 2012, the world-renowned jeweller and watchmaker, Chopard launched a new fragrance designed to celebrate the fertile meeting of western craftsmanship and eastern inspiration. Based on the noblest components, this perfume was called Malaki, from the Arabic word signifying ‘royal’. And Chopard Oud Malaki soon became a symbol of elegance and refinement.

And now, Chopard has launched the latest addition to the Malaki line – the Chopard Rose Malaki. This spicy floral fragrance is a sensual tribute to one of the most revered ingredients in the ancient art of perfumery, and that’s rose.

The Fragrance

Chopard Rose Malaki will lure you through the unique combination of Damascena rose absolute and a rose petals accord. The Damascena rose is renowned for its voluptuous, almost carnal scent and its addictive honeyed undertones. The rose petal accord conceived by master perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie (Firmenich) adds to this intense sensuality a fresher and brighter dimension, as well as a dewy quality.

This bouquet of roses is artfully complemented by the noblest of all spices – saffron. Often dubbed the red gold, saffron’s scent is unmatched – warm and vibrant, and it carries a slightly leathery quality that’s reminiscent of suede. Adding to the natural sensuousness of rose, it brings to Chopard Rose Malaki a subtle note of mystery and fascination.

Chopard Rose Malaki closes on a third distinctively oriental note of atlas cedar. Growing in the mountain chain of Morocco and Algeria, this noble wood possesses a warm and enveloping personality. Slightly camphorated, it creates a captivating trail, a mesmerising aftertaste that enriches the Rose Malaki experience.

Wearing Chopard Rose Malaki provides an empowering feeling of sensuality and refinement. This fragrance for men and women is a tribute to a timeless form of luxury, striking a perfect balance between elegance and seduction.

The Bottle

The pure lines of Chopard Rose Malaki’s heavy glass bottle and the anthracite sobriety of its solid metal cap allude to Chopard’s watch-making origins. The golden pink hue softens the bottle’s rigorous design and alludes to the key ingredient of this unique fragrance. The matching box is stamped with the Chopard signature – token of taste and seal of excellence.


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