Celebrate Christmas With Acqua Di Parma

The pleasure of being together, of sharing a cosy and enchanting atmosphere, where everything conveys innate class, inspired by the most authentic Italian style

Elegantly embossed for the world of Colonia and a refined, very feminine design with a velvet effect for the Le Nobili collection. Each set encloses a unique and exclusive world, making it an unforgettable gift for lovers of Italian craftsmanship, purity of design and perfection in detail.


COLONIA GIFT SETcoffret-colonia-jpeg

In characteristic Acqua di Parma yellow, a gift for all lovers of the fragrance that has been symbolic of the brand since 1916: Colonia. The selection includes Eau de Cologne 100ml in its timeless art deco bottle, as well as Bath & Shower Gel and Colonia Body Cream, both in 75ml tubes. Three different daily ways of treating yourself to the fresh, citrusy notes of a fragrance which is the perfect expression of Italian style.

COLONIA INTENSA GIFT SETcoffret-colonia-intensa-jpeg

The perfect present for the confident, decisive man whose experienced style will be fully recognised in the bright and tactile woody-leather harmony which distinguishes Colonia Intensa. The hat box, with its simple style, contains Eau de Cologne 100ml with Shower Gel & Shampoo and Post-Shave Balm, both in 75ml tubes in a sophisticated bronze finish.

COLONIA ESSENZA GIFT SETcoffret-colonia-essenza-jpeg

Impeccably elegant, the black and white box is reserved for Essenza, the Colonia in a tuxedo from Acqua di Parma. Inside is Eau de Cologne 100ml, Shower Gel & Shampoo and Post-Shave Balm, both in 75ml tubes. The perfect gift for a man who’s every gesture and choice expresses a refined, straightforward and contemporary style.

COLONIA CLUB GIFT SETcoffret-colonia-club-jpeg

The sophisticated nature of Colonia Club is instantly reflected in the shades of rich and brilliant green of the gift set. A dynamic, refined, innovative interpretation of Colonia. The atmosphere of an exclusive club. A highly stylish gift, full of feeling. The gift set contains Eau de Cologne 100ml, as well as Face Emulsion and Shower Gel & Shampoo in 50ml tubes.


COLONIA OUD GIFT SETcoffret-colonia-oud-jpeg

The precious rectangular box in warm dark brown hues offers an intense olfactory journey. The charisma of Colonia Oud, a fragrance which combines the Italian citrusy freshness of Colonia with the rich sensuality of agarwood oil, a rare ingredient from the Middle Eastern olfactory tradition. The box, with its elegant, bronze-coloured satin lining, contains Eau de Cologne 100ml and Shower Gel & Shampoo in a 75ml tube.

COLONIA AMBRA GIFT SETcoffret-colonia-ambra-jpeg

An unusual and very refined gift. A presentation box which reveals all the sensory charm of Colonia Ambra. A fragrance which shares the fresh and unmistakable Italian elegance of Colonia with the deep and captivating notes of ambergris, a highly-prized essence of ancient origin. An ideal gift for the eclectic, educated and well-travelled man, who enjoys a surprise. The set includes Eau de Cologne 100ml and Shower Gel & Shampoo in a 75ml tube.


IRIS NOBILE GIFT SETcoffret-iris-nobile-jpeg

A perfect gift to celebrate a woman with a noble and elegant style. The deep violet coloured hat box recalls the majestic petals of the iris and is adorned with a soft satin ribbon in the same colour. Inside is Eau de Parfum 100ml with its vibrant and voluptuous notes, as well as the Precious Bath & Shower Gel and the Luminous Body Cream 75ml.

MAGNOLIA NOBILE GIFT SETcoffret-magnolia-nobile-jpeg

A set which gives off all the brilliance of Magnolia Nobile. For a woman of modern, charismatic femininity. The hat box and satin ribbon in shades of cream bring to mind the petals of a noble, alluring flower. Inside is Eau de Parfum 100ml, Sublime Body Cream and Sublime Bath Gel 75ml. Let yourself be enveloped by the clear notes of Magnolia in every beautiful gesture.

GELSOMINO NOBILE GIFT SETcoffret-gelsomino-nobile-jpeg

A gift set designed for a woman with radiant femininity and spontaneous grace. Her favourite fragrance is Gelsomino Nobile and the hat box in delicate shades of pastel green announces its joyous notes like a cascade of ethereal jasmine. The box contains Eau de Parfum 100ml and both the delicate touch of Radiant Bath & Shower Gel and the velvety composition of Radiant Body Cream 75ml.

ROSA NOBILE GIFT SETcoffret-rosa-nobile-jpeg

Throughout time and in all places, the rose has always been the expression of extraordinary femininity. Its delicate petals bear an infinite sweetness everywhere. Acqua di Parma celebrates the queen of flowers with a presentation box in the most delicate shade of rose. Inside the box is the Eau de Parfum 100ml, a fragrance which sees the Italian rose, with its rich intensity, as the star at its heart. Discover its charm on your skin with Velvety Bath & Shower Gel and Velvety Body Cream 75ml.

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