Bottega Veneta Pour Homme

When your own initials are enough….

BV bottle shot (2)Discretion, quality, and unsurpassed craftsmanship–Bottega Veneta has established a new standard of luxury since its founding in Vicenza in 1966. Steeped in the traditions of Italy’s master leather craftsmen and renowned for its extraordinary leather goods, Bottega Veneta stands for individuality and self-confidence, a philosophy expressed in its famous motto, “When your own initials are enough.” The principles that define the brand are unchanging: outstanding craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality, and the highest quality materials. Also constant is Bottega Veneta’s commitment to its ateliers, where artisans of remarkable skill combine traditional mastery with breathtaking innovation. Indeed, there is an unusual and inspired collaboration between artisan and designer at the heart of Bottega Veneta’s approach to luxury, a partnership perfectly symbolized by the house’s signature intrecciato woven leather.

Rustic Revelations

For the brand’s signature masculine fragrance, Bottega Veneta pour Homme, Tomas Maier’s vision elicits a journey north from the Veneto, where we find ourselves in the Dolomites. Amidst the lush mountain meadow, sits a farmhouse, a rustic retreat from reality. The interior is paneled with pinewood, and the windows are open wide, letting in a gentle breeze evocative of hay, fir cones and pine needles from the nearby woods, combined with the chilled air from the glacial stream that is bordered by wild irises. A built-in wood bench is re-comforted by gracefully aged leather cushions, and seated there is a man, taking a break between his heavy urban schedule and an upcoming mountain climbing excursion. This vision fuses rugged sensuality, subtle intellect, and raw intrigue that lingers in the mind like a memory not soon to be forgotten.

Essentially Masculine, Deeply Distinctive

Model visualBottega Veneta pour Homme is a fresh, intriguing and understated fragrance, one where distinctive Bottega Veneta notes of precious Labdanum, Fir Balsam and Bergamot blend into a sensuous leathery signature with the power to enchant. Woven with rare and noble materials, the fragrance, a woody, aromatic leathery scent, takes us on an inspiring journey in time and place.

Only when the wind is still and the sun at its height, can the mystery of Bottega Veneta pour Homme begin, as its core is distilled from a fragrant resin, extracted from the Cistus plant that can only be collected between May and August, when it is most viscous. For centuries known as the “dew of heaven” or ancient substance of Myrrh, it is this precious Andalusian Labdanum, scarcely used today, that lends the fragrance its rich, complex, rare depth. Refreshing aromatic top notes of Calabrian Bergamot, Siberian Pine and Juniper from the Balkans, followed by warm heart notes of Jamaican Pimento, Canadian Fir Balsam and Mediterranean Clary Sage. Finally, base notes of Indonesian Patchouli, and a nostalgic leather accord, add texture and elegant trail. Composed by master perfumers, Daniela Andrier and Antoine Maisondieu, Bottega Veneta pour Homme captures the essence of the Bottega Veneta man. The structure of the fragrance is unique, a combination of refined ingredients that are woven together to create an unforgettable, lingering, masterpiece.

Simplicity And Contradiction

low-res-BV-bottle-shot (3)Combining soft, rounded curves and powerful shapes, and smooth body juxtaposed by an intrecciato texture subtly etched to create a faceted base, the Bottega Veneta pour Homme bottle mirrors the graphic impact of the signature Bottega Veneta fragrance bottle. Inspired by Venetian glasswork and the traditional Italian carafe, designed with an eye for timeless lines and resonant distinction, the bottle itself is an object that reveals its complexity only over time, and is in every way a vessel of harmonious simplicity and perfectly balanced contradiction.

While coherent in design, the color palette is a decidedly smokier take on the women’s fragrance, referencing the black metal used on belt buckles, for the cap, collar and signature screw that secures its similarly colored leather strap adornment, which is offset by the Platinum logo. Encapsulating the masculinity of Bottega Veneta to perfection, a uniquely personal statement is made through shape, color, and texture.

Devastatingly Discrete

His is a face you haven’t seen before, and yet it is instantly memorable. His elegance is as evident as his confidence is captivating. Like Bottega Veneta, Zak is intriguingly understated and intensely individualistic. Decidedly self-assured, he asserts his identity quietly and with ease.

Iconic Vision Of Masculinity

Keeping with Bottega Veneta’s longstanding history of creative collaboration in producing the brand’s advertising campaigns, Tomas Maier turned to Swedish film-maker Axel Lindahl to capture the raw yet sophisticated sensuality of Bottega Veneta pour Homme through his wholly limitless approach. Shot on location in New York City, the first men’s campaign of its kind reflects Lindahl’s talent to create innovatively original and impactful imagery. By creating a film, a series of frames with intense focus on its subject, Tomas Maier’s vision of Bottega Veneta pour Homme cinematically emerges as a genuine moment of absolute confidence and timelessness, ultimately lending itself to the still.

A Master Of Understatement

Tomas Maier joined Bottega Veneta as Creative Director in June 2001. With long experience at the highest levels of fashion and design, he arrived hoping to spark a renaissance at the venerable Italian brand. He succeeded beyond imagination. Committed to craftsmanship, understatement, and refinement, Maier began by drawing upon the deep bench of artisanal talent in Vicenza to craft leather goods of unmatched quality. In the years since, he has established Bottega Veneta as one of the world’s top luxury goods houses, consistently matching exceptional workmanship to timeless design, tradition to innovation. Following the launch of the signature women’s fragrance, Maier, together again with the experts at Coty, has turned his attention to fragrance, the most understated and memorable of luxury goods, this time to create a signature fragrance for men. The result is again beyond imagination. Clearly distinct from, yet echoing the women’s fragrance.

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