Blooming Bouquet: The Intense Melody By Armand Basi In Red

Conceived as an eau de toilette intense, the new fragrance Blooming Bouquet  by ARMAND BASI In Red is a floral explosion

A genuine floral explosion full of vitality, passion and enthusiasm, the new fragrance comes in red.  In contrast to the bright, decisive white, a new strawberry red symbolises the passion awakened by the fragrance and warms the now intense blooms on the iconic IN RED almond branch.

The branch represents nature, closely linked to the feminine spirit and to the brand. It also celebrates life, its intensity and its nuances, which appears as radiant, spirited and magical.

Blooming Bouquet

Its delicate quality represents femininity, but the elegance and fullness of its flowers also suggest strength and tenderness.

This new edition carries the name Blooming Bouquet – a name that evokes wonderful floral compositions. The graceful almond branch has unleashed all its activity to produce a bountiful harvest with passion; it emerges as a flaming wand, passionately alight, blooming intensely.

Just like there are many different ways to interpret a piece of music, with this new edition of the fragrance, the IN RED woman reveals new facets of her character.

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