Belle Au Parfum De Oud Eau De Parfum

More than an Oud fragrance…
Belle au parfum de Oud reveals the enveloping magic
of sensual Oud, whose multiple facets resound in time
with your beating heart, in a full-bodied alliance of skin,
wood, balm and flowers.

FRED4347-retA true alchemist of emotion, ESTEBAN adorns case
and bottle with a new latticework, as if to retain
the bouquet of intense notes. Just as his encounter
with the Belle au parfum de Oud is imprinted in the
perfumer’s memory, both case and bottle carry his
signature pearl hallmark.

This voluptuous fragrance intimately links the wealth
of the Orient with the sophistication of the Occident.
Its motif reflects this contrast in its own unique

Empowered by 30 years’ experience as a perfumer, Estéban blends its
fragrances with the fi nest ingredients and tells sensory stories through
creations that both enchant with their character and seduce with their

Rooted in traditional perfumery and enriched with modern ideas,
Estéban has, in recent years, developed essential collections to captivate
the senses:
Matières, which reveals the fi nest ingredients in perfumery at the heart
of its introductory fragrances: Baume Tolu, Patchouli, Cuir, Ambre, Cèdre
and Tonka.
Accords, an individual and novel interpretation of the main fragrance
families: Chypre, Floral, Woody and Oriental.
Couleurs, inspired by moods and trends: Fureur d’Agrumes, Colère
d’épices, Tempête de zeste, Folie de Figue and Tourbillon de Thé.
We are now adding Empreinte, evocations of the olfactory memories
which nestle deep within our minds.

Dashing through the city at lightning speed,
the Belle left behind a splinter of being;
Sensual Oud.

Adorned with this freshly picked bloom,
The Belle au parfum de Oud bewitched all Paris,
her trace forever imprinted in our memories.

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