Banana Republic introduces the new Classic, W and M – Icon fragrances

January 2013: Banana Republic introduced the new Classic, W and M fragrances, which have each been renewed to capture the modern style of the Banana Republic customer.



The modern packaging was inspired by the sleek, sophisticated lines of Banana Republic’s renowned tailoring as well as customer demand to bring back the beloved M fragrance, which was first introduced in 1995.

“We are excited to celebrate our legacy fragrances with striking new packaging and bottle designs. I was instantly inspired by the clean lines in our apparel collection as well as the crisp scents of the fragrances themselves,” says Banana Republic Creative Director & EVP, Simon Kneen . “Classic and W have consistently been our strongest performing fragrances and we are delighted to reintroduce M to complete our iconic fragrance fleet.”
In keeping with the modern aesthetic and high end craftsmanship that is the signature of Banana Republic, Classic, W and M are packaged in paperwhite square boxes with their respective logos that provide a subtle grey shadow effect. Each fragrance, developed by renowned perfumer Jean-Claude Delville, formerly of IFF, is contained in its own signature glass bottle.


The interior of the Classic carton will be flooded black and will also have a bold black cap, reminiscent of the chic urban couple that originally inspired the top-selling, unisex fragrance in 1995. Banana Republic Classic is the only scent to feature body products, and Banana Republic has added Classic Body Wash to its portfolio of fragrance and body lotion. Both will be available in fresh ecru-colored square bottles with a sharp, contrasting black pump.


Citrus Family
Grapefruit, Seringa Flower, Ginger Root

W & M
W and M, quintessential yin-yang fragrances in both design and logo, were also originally developed in the 1990s. W’s new square glass bottle and feminine ivory cap tie back to the timeless, versatile pieces that are consistently part of the Banana Republic womens collection. M’s bottle, inspired by the sharp lines of men’s suiting, is also a square glass bottle, but boasts a more masculine grey cap and dispenser.

Top: Sparkling Citrus, Wet Green Leaves, Pink Grapefruit
Mid: Honeysuckle, White Magnolia, Water Lily
Dry: Amber, Sexy Musk, Blonde Woods

Top: Lime, Bergamot, Wet Green Leaves
Mid: Lavender, Sage, Violet Leaf
Dry: White Musk, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood LMR

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